A Kid'jouer 4/7 et 8/12 ans



A Kid'jouer 4/7 et 8/12 ans
Troyes La Champagne Tourisme
16 rue Aristide Briand
10000 TROYES

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"You don't stop playing when you get old, but you get old when you stop playing."
(G.B. Shaw)

Three times more good reasons to participate.....
The concept of the family as a "short-stay-discovery" is becoming more and more important.

The societal organization is now encouraging the emergence of this new mode of tourism, attracted in particular by local destinations and parents are looking for activities that allow them to find an interest and expand their fields of knowledge.

The purpose of these booklets is to seduce a new clientele, curious and eager to discover, a family type clientele with children in the age groups of 4 to 7 years & 8 to 12 years, accompanied by parents and/or grandparents...

These products are aimed at a young local or external audience, who have come to discover the city. Indeed, no special knowledge is required to obtain a "flawless" course except to have an alert mind and the desire to play.
All the answers can be found in the field by appealing to his curiosity and observation skills.

Livret A Kid'jouer ? 4/7 years old: 20 fun, unusual and interesting questions to discover the historical heart of Troyes in the form of a circuit thanks to a pocket booklet illustrated with photos and comics.

The booklets "A Kid'jouer ? 8/12 years old": a concentrate for a few hours of escape and discovery
- "In the footsteps of the knights": follow in the footsteps of the knights and immerse yourself in their universe lulled by mysteries....

- "Conquering the West": discover through a whole series of games, the fascinating universe of cowboys and Indians...

- "In search of the Treasury": dive into the extraordinary world of pirates and search for hidden treasures.....

Rebus, charades, mystery words, mixed or crosswords, dots to be bound will allow the enigma grid to be filled in at the beginning of each booklet. And as a bonus, some coloring to do when you get home.....

A gift and a diploma offered at the end of each course.
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