Exposition Empreintes au Château de La Motte-Tilly

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Exposition Empreintes au Château de La Motte-Tilly
Château de La Motte-Tilly

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Exhibition Footprints Photographs by Yann Monel The Domaine de la Motte Tilly in the eye of one of the greatest French specialists in garden photography. Quite simply, never seen before! In 2018, the Center des Monuments Nationaux wished to offer Yann Monel, a recognized photographer in the world of gardens, a "carte blanche" to capture the objective of La Motte Tilly, its richness, its diversity and its poetry too. . Yann Monel came to the site in the summer of 2019, he was welcomed in residence at the beginning of spring 2020, alone in this immense area of 1000ha. From these two stays came nearly 8,500 photos. When he works with his drone, it is aerial views that play with geometry and colors, images of earth and sky, a certain perception of immensity. And when the artist walks, his stepladder on his back, in the park and its undergrowth, these are views of almost virgin territory, as close as possible to the Seine and its wetlands. Yann knows how to play with light, capture the magic of an instant and reveal the hidden dimensions of a place. Even more, through his magnificent photos, he reveals to us what “makes the landscape”, this human hand, often so heavy, but also capable of being so light that it would almost disappear. Of these encounters remain “Footprints” and it is a small miracle to see them thus revealed. The exhibition presents fifteen photos in the salons on the ground floor of the castle. In addition, there are ten large formats nestled in an undergrowth in the park, as well as a “surprise” that you will have to take the time to discover ... The exhibitions at the Château de la Motte Tilly can be visited on a guided tour. This applies to the indoor part. The outdoor part will be open to self-guided and guided tours.

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