Exposition permanente - "Six siècles de peinture, de Giotto à Corot"

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Exposition permanente - "Six siècles de peinture, de Giotto à Corot"
Musée des Beaux-arts
Rue de la Cité
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Permanent collection:
Six centuries of painting, from Giotto to Corot

Completely renovated and open to the public again since spring 2019, the painting galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts are not standing still. As a result of new acquisitions and a public vote, the permanent exhibition has been enriched with new paintings and even some pieces of furniture.

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Museums of Art and History, a new painting by the Trojan artist Jacques de Létin has entered the municipal collections. This painting, which has remained in the painter's family for centuries, is both a representation of the allegory of Grammar (i.e. language learning at the time)... and also of the artist's wife!

In addition, from a pre-selection of 10 works and art objects proposed by our curator, on our website and Facebook page in October 2020, a vote was submitted to Internet users allowing them to choose which ones would be taken out of storage to take their place in the tour route. Nearly 300 voters expressed their choice. Between the ebony cabinet, the Boulle medallion, the antique lion sleigh, the sunsets by Charles Cuisin or the 18th century genre scenes... who will join the permanent tour? You'll have to come to the museum to find out.

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