La Cité du Vitrail



La Cité du Vitrail
1 rue Roger Salengro (angle Quai des Comtes de Champagne
10000 TROYES

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Located near the cathedral in an 18th century outbuilding of the Hôtel-Dieu-Le-Comte, the Cité du vitrail, a service of the Aube Department, is located in the heart of Troyes, the historic capital of Champagne. While stained glass is sometimes difficult to access, in Stained Glass City, everything is at eye level.
For the first time, the proximity of the works is ideal for approaching stained glass on all levels: aesthetic, artistic, scientific, historical and technical.
Over an area of 150 m², the exhibition features original works from the 12th century to the present day, lent for a few months by their owners (museum institutions, the State, municipalities, private individuals, glass painter's studios, etc.). Among the stained glass windows on display are a few monumental pieces up to 5 metres high, set in a sober and light scenography. The aubois glazed heritage is widely honoured, with notably masterpieces of the "Beau XVIe". The exhibition, animated and completed by mediation mechanisms facilitating access to knowledge, prepares the visitor for his or her confrontation with the glazed heritage preserved in situ.

On December 30, 2018, the prefiguration space of the Cité du vitrail closed its doors.
After 5 years of exhibition, nearly 160,000 visitors, numerous cultural, educational and scientific activities, the Cité du vitrail continues its transformation. In 2021, it will invest the 3000 m² of the west wing of Hôtel-Dieu-Le-Comte after its rehabilitation by the Aube Department.

A City always closer to you!
In 2019 and 2020, while preparing its final installation, the Stained Glass City will remain active.
She will propose:
off-wall exhibitions in the Aube
monthly conferences at the Aube Congress Centre
workshops for schoolchildren and those who are unable to attend (sick, disabled)
events in the garden of the Hôtel-Dieu

Dawn in Champagne, European capital of stained glass
- Nearly 10 centuries of stained glass history, 12th to 21st century
- 9000 m² of glass roof prior to the French Revolution
- 2048 bays protected as Historic Monuments
- 1042 16th century and 1439 19th century bays, the two golden ages of the Aube stained glass window
- Stained glass windows in more than 200 churches and public buildings
- An art that is still alive: more than 150 berries created over the last 20 years by prestigious workshops.



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