Parc des Moulins



Parc des Moulins
Rue des Bas Trévois (entrée principale)
Rue des Ponts
10000 TROYES

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A great oxygen tank south of downtown.

Situated just a stone's throw from the Sénardes district, between the Rue des Ponts, Rue Bas Trévois, Rue Guillaume le Bé and the Chaussée du Vouldy, this vast green park - its surface area is 20 hectares - is known as the "site des Moulins" or, for local residents, the "Parc des Corbeaux". It is home to a bourgeois house belonging to the town, and two old mills, owned by Nouricia and Interfarine.

Including the Henry Park, the site of the mills represents a veritable green lung of nearly twenty hectares.

Thus, the park, with a natural character, gradually developed from 1982 to 1987, is one of the largest gardens on the outskirts of the town centre.

It is home to a wide variety of trees - sequoias, ash trees and magnificent weeping willows - as well as a particularly rich local flora and fauna. Its charm and tranquility make it an ideal place to enjoy nature just a few steps from the city centre.

Carried by so many attractions, the park is constantly being developed for leisure-related activities.

For example, cyclists and rollerbladers can take a walk on an 800 linear metre greenway, which connects the bike path from the lakes to downtown.

More generally, and in order to welcome young and old alike, several projects are under study or in progress in the heart of the park.

In concrete terms, a signage system is being put in place to decorate the paths and allow visitors to get to know the natural environment (fauna and flora) better. In addition, 15 hives of the apiary-school (Syndicat des Apiculteurs de l'Aube - SAA) have been installed in the natural zone of the park. This installation allows to sensitize and initiate the general public to beekeeping, in a respect of ancestral traditions and the ecosystem.

In addition, the restoration of the orchard (with the support of the Croqueurs de pommes) and the rehabilitation of the market gardeners' house (by the IUMP and the integration site), will make it possible to organise activities dedicated to the promotion of gardening and environmentally friendly practices (gardening, beekeeping and arboriculture courses) at a later date.

Other more or less one-off facilities could also be developed. Thus, little by little, everyone will be able to make this green lung their own for fun, relaxation or discovering nature on the outskirts of downtown.

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