Rejuvenate during a relaxing weekend in Nogent-sur-Seine

Nogent-sur-Seine - Church Saint-Laurent

Need a break from your daily routine? A desire to go elsewhere,new things, mini-vacations? Say no more, the Aube en Champagne has exactly what you need!

Yes,our territory is full of little tourist wonders to explore. One example? The town of Nogent-sur-Seine, located only 1.5 hours from Paris! Its rich heritage includes culture, nature, gastronomy and traditions: a must-see for all explorers looking for a well-deserved break! What if, during a weekend of discovery, you went through the town of Nogent-sur-Seine?

Saturday, 12 noon: gourmet arrival in Nogent-sur-Seine

Once you have completed your journey (by car? By train? On a goat?), you can now start your weekend of discovery in Nogent-sur-Seine.

It’s midday, so what could be more natural than to push open the door of a restaurant in the heart of the city? Go to the Auberge du Cygne de la Croix, a former 16th century coaching inn You can enjoy a inventive, local and seasonal cuisine. Ideal to start this weekend in Nogent-sur-Seine!

Auberge du Cygne de la Croix
Auberge dy Cygne de la Croix
Auberge du Cygne de la Croix

Saturday, 2pm: cultural stopover at the Camille Claudel Museum in Nogent-sur-Seine

Then head for the Camille Claudel Museum, a captivating place in the heart of Nogent-sur-Seine which exhibits and enhancesthe remains of the past (such as sculptures by Alfred Boucher, Auguste Rodin or Paul Richer). From 2 April to 26 September 2022, the temporary exhibition of works by the artist Fabienne Verdier. Entitled ” Alchemy of a stained glass window“,this exhibition transcends the work of this painter, whose art dances with the material.

Enjoy your weekend in Nogent-sur-Seine and savour the cultural buzz of this surprising city!

Camille Claudel Museum
Camille Claudel Museum
Camille Claudel Museum

Saturday, 3.30 pm: discovery of the religious heritage of Nogent-sur-Seine

Your weekend getaway in Nogent-sur-Seine then takes you to the foot of the Saint-Laurent church. Its atypical architecture (its construction was interrupted several times) and its mixture of styles (both gothic and renaissance) make it an essential building in the city’s religious heritage.

Its interior is decorated with remarkable paintings and sumptuous stained glass windows (some of which are contemporary and have been worked on by a certain Fabienne Verdier). During your stopover, admire the jewels of Nogent-sur-Seine and their subtle play of light. By the way, did you know that the Aube was the European capital of stained glass?

Church Saint-Laurent
Church Saint-Laurent

Saturday, 4.30 pm: stop at the botanical garden of Marnay sur Seine

Located a few kilometres from Nogent-sur-Seine, the botanical garden of Marnay-sur-Seine breathes calm and gentleness. Spread over two hectares and composed of more than three thousand plant species, this garden is the perfect place to relax during your weekend in Nogent-sur-Seine.

Stroll through this green setting through a thematic path (the rose gardens, the vegetable garden, the green wall…). Admire the current exhibitions and enjoy this sweet alliance between flora and fauna. Relax, you have earned this bucolic break!

Botanical garden Marnay-sur-Seine
Botanical garden Marnay sur Seine
Botanical garden

Saturday, 6 p.m.: relaxation at the café-théâtre L’Expressoir in Marnay sur Seine

After this afternoon of discovering Nogent-sur-Seine and its surroundings, a break is welcome. Go to the café-théâtre L’Expressoir, with the guarantee to spend a moment in all conviviality!

Relax and have a drink in the lively atmosphere. You can also check if there is a concert (or a play) scheduled for that evening: the perfect opportunity to end the day on a high note!


Saturday, 8 p.m.: delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep, 15 minutes from Nogent-sur-Seine

Adventure is fun! Treat yourself to a gourmet break at Villenauxe-la-Grande, at the restaurant Le Mange-Disques. In a friendly atmosphere,you will enjoy traditional cuisine, with some African specialities. You will appreciate the deliciously retro atmosphere that emanates from it thanks to the vinyls that adorn the walls!

Next, we head for the La Réserve de l’Aube guest house for a beneficial night. This unusual accommodation near Nogent-sur-Seine offers you to sleep in a atypical wooden structure. Its little plus? The panoramic roof, so you can fall asleep with your head in the stars…

So, are you happy with your weekend in Nogent-sur-Seine?

Le Mange Disques Villenauxe La Grande
the Aube Reserve
the Aube Reserve

Sunday, 10.30 am: paddle on the Seine

After a lie-in with a hearty breakfast, continue your weekend getaway in Nogent-sur-Seine with a real aquatic experience: apaddle on the Seine! Cradled by the river, standing on your board, let yourself be guided by the Cercle Aviron Nogentais.1 hour 30 minute session is supervised by a qualified animator, don’t worry. Everything will be fine!

Nogent-sur-Seine - Paddle on the Seine
Nogent-sur-Seine - Paddle on the Seine

Sunday, 12.30 p.m.: Chatelain’s picnic at La Motte Tilly or on the banks of the Seine?

After your aquatic escapade on the Seine, enjoy your picnic (prepared with love by the hosts of the Réservoir de l’Aube). Where will you enjoy it: in the sixty-hectare park of the Château de la Motte-Tilly(labelledas a remarkable garden, please) or rather on the banks of the Seine?

Life is hard, it’s true. You have to choose between two idyllic locations around Nogent-sur-Seine. We wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

picnic castle of la motte tilly

Sunday, 2.30 pm: visit to the fascinating Château de la Motte-Tilly

If you have opted for a castle picnic, then the visit to the castle is not to be missed! This imposing residence near Nogent-sur-Seine is typical of the Age of Enlightenment. It is fully furnished and has a sumptuous collection of furniture, paintings and art objects. The estate extends over no less than sixty hectares.

A perfect opportunity to end your weekend of discovery in Nogent-sur-Seine, before returning home!


Castle of La Motte-Tilly
Castle Motte Tilly
Castle Motte Tilly

All good things must come to an end! So, what do you think of the programme? Will you or won’t you visit the town of Nogent-sur-Seine for a weekend away from your routine?Do you or don’t you want to wander through the Aube en Champagne region to explore its multiple and captivating facets?

We are waiting for you!

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