It’s 10.30 a.m. and the excitement is building in the car. You locate the park and its huge free car park with ease.. At the back, your children look up to the sky, amazed by the landscape and the first visible attractions. In the distance, you can hear the screams of the first visitors who have chosen a thrill ride.

You and your family head for the entrance to the park. Around you, nature unfolds: this theme park is perfectly integrated into a green landscape. The beauty of this natural site of Champagne is breathtaking.

Your children are jumping, running, screaming, in short, they are having the time of their life! You are smiling, without really knowing why. It must be the atmosphere of the theme park! Suddenly, the entrance gate appears. The name of the theme park is written all over it. You have arrived, get ready for a crazy day of sharing and fun.

Welcome to Nigloland!

Make way for the attractions and shows of Nigloland

Armed with the precious map of the Nigloland theme park (it covers 40 hectares, after all, it’s better to be able to find your way around), you take a few steps and fully immerse yourself in the light and joyful atmosphere that reigns there.

So where do you start? You scan the map with your eyes. The 43 attractions of Nigloland are spread over 4 universes: The Rock’n Roll Village, The Canadian Village, The Wonder Village and The Swiss Village. Perfect! You glance at your children, who can’t wait to get started. Head for the Wonderful Village…

You start gently with the family rollercoaster always very popular with little visitors: Noisette Express (voted 5th best family attraction in Europe in 2021!). You stand in the queue. That’s it, it’s already your turn! Yes, at Nigloland, the waiting time is reduced ! The train starts, speeds up, speeds up again… Your children raise their arms to the sky, screaming with joy, while you firmly hold on to the railings. Well, it is pretty fast…

Photo-Nigloland credit photo Nigloland
Photo-Nigloland credit photo Nigloland
Photo-Nigloland credit photo Nigloland

It’s time to eat at Nigloland!

Fun builds up the appetite! You are hungry. You have brought some sandwiches for the family. You scan the map and find several picnic areas. Perfect! On the way, one of your children sees a steakhouse serving chips. He begs you with his puppy eyes and pulls on your arm. You say no. He gives you that look again. You give in, a half-smile on your lips.

You sit on the terrace of one of the many restaurants of the Nigloland theme park. After the chips, and the ice cream, and a bit of chips again, your children are finally full! But they have already spotted a pancake merchant. “Later on, don’t worry!”

The Niglo Show, a show not to be missed before the thrill of the Dungeon

You continue this day of escape by strolling through the family’s world. After the Krampus water ride (your soaked children have never been happier) and a ride in the pirate ship, it’s already time for the Niglo Show! This is an animatronics show that will delight all generations.

Then you see the Extreme Dungeon attraction: the one and only! As far as thrill rides go, you’re in for a treat, as it’s simply… the highest rotating free-fall tower in the world. OF THE WORLD! You hesitate. But deep down, you know you’ll regret not doing it. So you climb aboard the attraction, you wave to your children below, your heart races, you climb, climb… Well, the view is still exceptional, it’s really a remarkable natural site! And that’s it: congratulations, you’ve done it!

Krampus - credit Nigloland
Nigloland - credit photo - Nigloland
Pirate Hotel - Nigloland

The Pirate Hotel****, to prolong the magic of Nigloland

It is already the end of this exceptional day in Nigloland… Fortunately, you have made a reservation at the hotel-restaurant located just a few steps from the park, the Hotel des Pirates****to extend your stay in the Aube… The little extra? The fantastic kid’s playground of over 200 m², decorated after the legendary pirate battles! Welcome to paradise…

You can make the most of this opportunity to discover family activities in the Aube and leave with many memories.


The Nigloland theme park is located at the heart of the Champagne region, between Troyes and Chaumont, only 2 hours from Paris.

D 619
10 200 Dolancourt
Tel. +33 (0) 3 25 27 94 52

Opening calendar

Find the Nigloland theme park opening calendarhere.