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Are you planning your next trip and looking for the best ideas for experiences in the Aube? You’ve come to the right place! We have prepared a selection of gourmet activities, escape games and water sports to make the most of the fine weather. Follow the guide to discover our natural areas or our villages. Enjoy our panoramic views from the top. In a nutshell, less than 2 hours from Paris, you’ll have plenty of time to get away from it all for a weekend!

Escape Game Troyes - Explore in the Aube

Explore in the Aube

Do you like games and want to discover Troyesand the Aube off the beaten track and have fun? Several experiences are possible, but don’t forget your magnifying glass and compass if you really want to become the new Sherlock Holmes!

So, are you ready to investigate the Aube with our ideas for fun experiences?

Eat the Aube, our ideas for gourmet experiences

Between Andouillettes, Chaource, Champagne and many other products, Aube is full of deliciously tasty local specialities. Discover the local know-how by exchanging with the producers and by tasting the specialities, each one more succulent than the other! From picnics in the middle of nature, to discovering of artisanal breweries or educational farms, enjoy these precious moments on the theme of the Aube’s gastronomy

So, are you ready to bite into the Aube with our ideas for gourmet experiences?

Château de Taisne snack - Take a bite out of Aube
kayak submerged forest - Dive into the Aube

Dive into the Aube

Discover Aube en Champagne and never let the water out of your sight: enjoy swimming, relaxing on the beach, escaping by boat, paddling along the water… The 5000 hectares of water in the great lakes of the Forêt d’Orient offer remarkable modern infrastructures for the practice of all kinds of water sports. Experience adventure and relaxation, this is the promise of the Aube, its great lakes and its waterways.

So, are you ready to dive into the Aube with our water experience ideas?


Vineyards, lakes, forests, plains… Aube en Champagne is full of colourful landscapes and different atmospheres for a total change of scenery. On foot, you can get lost, you can enjoy smelling the scents, in the open air you can enjoy observing, and noticing the differences in colours: a peak of adrenalin at take-off, and all you need to do is let yourself glide.

So, are you ready to vibrate in the Aube with our ideas for breathtaking experiences?

ULM PNRFO - Vibrate in the Aube
cadoles walk - Stroll through the Aube

Stroll through the Aube

By bike or on foot, discover the cadoles, follow the footsteps of Auguste Renoir or the greenway along the great lakes of Champagne.

So, are you ready to stroll through the Aube with our ideas for experiences?

Chill in the Aube, our ideas for Champagne experiences

Champagne is a byword for the Aube! Associated with festivities and exceptional moments, Champagne is a world-renowned wine that makes our region shine. The Aube winegrowers with the “Vignobles & Découvertes” label, in addition to their unique wines, offer wine tourism experiences that are worth the time.

So, are you ready to chill in the Aube with our sparkling experience ideas?

Cycling in the vineyards - Chill in the Aube

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