Add sparkle to your enjoyment!

Lovers of authenticity and fine bubbles will appreciate Aube and its Champagne Route through Côte des Bar! With its land devoted to wine-growing and its picturesque villages, with its remarkable vineyards, vaulted cellars and typical ‘cadoles’, or vineyard huts, you will discover a region that is unique and full of passion.

In the care of enthusiastic and passionate wine growers, you will be initiated into the secrets of the Wine of Kings and taste a remarkable vintage. Full-bodied or smooth, delicate or complex, you will be ignorant no longer about Champagne and champagne making.

Champagne cellars: Go down into the cool of a Champagne producer’s cellar and turn your taste the charm of this divine nectar.

The Champagne: Secrets of its foam delicate and singing,  its lightness, its incomparable flavors… discover Champagne

Rosé des Riceys is a wine of legend a wine rare, delicate, with the exquisite taste… Quite simply a product of exception.

Touristic Champagne Route: To help visitors go out and meet the winegrowers, a 220 km signposted route winds its way between hillsides and valleys, between winegrowing villages and champagne houses. A sparkling itinerary…

All the year we celebrate Champagne: here some major demonstrations to discover it or rediscover it

“The alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation”