Lake Route Cycling

The Forêt d’Orient Nature Park is one of the region’s tourist treasures, and for good reason: nearly 70,000 hectares of forests, fields, hillsides… and lakes! Aaaaah, the famous lakes of the Forêt d’Orient, only two hours from Paris: they are 5,000 hectares, spread over three different lakes,which are the pride of Aube!

It is therefore unthinkable not to take advantage of the marvels offered by such a rich natural environment, combining forest, water and land. Swimming, water sports, hiking… many activities are available to make the most of the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient!

Swimming, a relaxing activity in the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient

It’s sunny, it’s hot, you don’t know what to do? Look no further! Hop, a swimming costume, a beach towel, some sun cream, and you’re off for a few hours to practice this noble activity called swimmingin one of the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient. Splash around in the cool water, do a little crawl, even do the butterfly if you feel like it, nobody will judge you. No one will judge you.

Mesnil-Saint-Père, Géraudot, Dienville or Lusigny-sur-Barse: one of these four beaches is sure to suit you for an afternoon of swimming in the clear water of the Oriental lakes and sunbathing on the fine sand!

Bathing Lakes of the Forêt d'Orient
Water sports activities Forêt d'Orient

Let yourself be tempted by one of the water sports activities on the lakes of the Orient Forest?

What if you took advantage of your afternoon of swimming to try a new water activity on the lakes of the Orient Forest? Given the range of activities on offer, you are bound to find something to suit you!

Windsurfing, kayaking, water-skiing, towed buoys, paddling, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, pedal-boating… In the heart of this natural park, dozens of water sports activities of all kinds invite you to travelthrough the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient

Walking the greenway of the great Seine and Aube lakes, the ideal activity for nature lovers!

And off we go for a bit of cycle touringalong the greenwayof the great Seine and Aube lakes ! On the programme, a 42 km bike tour from the gates of Troyes to the lakes of the Orient Forest… a ride of about 1h30. A trifle, for the sportsman that you are. It is now possible to do the complete loop around the Orient lake for a very pleasant 27km ride.

This activity, which combines land and water, allows you to cross in complete safety sumptuous natural landscapes which evolve under your steps: tracks in the forest, dykes, edges of the beach… Nature lovers will be delighted by this completely safe development: towards the lakes of the Orient Forest!

Aube Bicycle Route
Resized Grimpobranchs

For a sporting activity in the Orient Forest, think accrobranches!

If you are afraid of heights, go straight to the next section, because we are going to talk about accrobranches activity, in the heart of the Forêt d’Orient. You’re welcome.

Located opposite the beach at Lusigny-sur-Barse, the Grimpobranches park offers activities for young and old: canoeing and kayaking, Bubble Foot… andaccrobranches ! On the programme, ten fun tree climbing courses to enjoy a nature activity through the Forêt d’Orient Natural Park, facing the lakes. A great way to combine sport and pleasure!

Some of the courses are fifteen metres above the ground. Just… there you go. Just so you know.

Flying over the lakes of the Orient, a breathtaking activity!

If you’re afraid of heights, skip to the next section, because we’re going to talk about microlights and hot-air balloons. You’re welcome.

The Aube and its breathtaking natural landscapes can be enjoyed both on the ground and in the air. Thus, two activities allowing you to admire the extent and the beauty of the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient are proposed to you: what about a flight by microlight over this natural park, with a landing on the lake as a bonus? Perhaps you’d rather ride in the basket of a hot air balloon for a trip in the clouds Aube, overlooking the lakes of the Orient ? From the air, discover the Aube in a different way!

Aerial view over Aube

Birdwatching, an activity in front of the Orient Lakes

If you are afraid of heights… stay there. We’ll talk about birdwatching, it’s all right.

The Forêt d’Orient Nature Park has a very rich environment. The fauna and flora are cherished, respected and admired. Nearly 300 species of birds have already been recorded, making the park the ideal place for abirdwatching session. From one of the park’s four observatories, you start your activity facing the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient. Here and there, you will discover a grey heron, a black stork, a grey crane or a white-tailed eagle!

Enjoy the beauty of the lakes by following the hiking trails

For nature lovers, the Forêt d’Orient Nature Park offers over 300 km of hiking trails. Longer or shorter routes, more or less sportive, which invite you to go through various landscapes, forests, lakesides, in search of the ideal panorama.

Enjoy your hiking activity: walk at your own pace, along the lakes and landscapes of the Forêt d’Orient, admire the exceptional natural setting around you, listen to the birds singing and breathe. You are in the dawn.

Hiking Aube
Animal park

A wildlife park in the heart of the Orient Forest

Now let’s talk about tourist attractions! For an activity with family or friends, the Espace Faune animal park is perfect. Located on the peninsula of Lake Orient,it brings together various forest species in semi-liberty, evolving in their natural environment.Wild boar, roe deer, auroch, bison… many mammals live in the heart of the Forêt d’Orient Nature Park. The park invites you to share a few special moments with these animals in a respectful and friendly manner.