Picnicking is an art in itself! Checkered tablecloths, wicker baskets, fresh produce and a good bottle of wine (or Champagne!) are the key features for this activity. The Aube and its landscapes are full of fabulous spots to have a picnic: at the water’s edge by lunchtime, and with a view of the sunset in the evening, you will be spoilt for choice to make your meal an unforgettable moment…

So, are you ready for a picnic in the Aube?

Picnic at the heart of the Champagne vineyards


Picnic with Champagne de Barfontarc


In Baroville, opt for a sparkling picnic with Champagne De Barfontarc and enjoy the beauty of the Champagne vineyards. Choose between two options, depending on your mood: sitting on the grass or at the table with the “prestige” option. Pick up your basket at the cooperative and sit at the heart of the vineyards for a unique Champagne picnic!

Picnic with Champagne Rémy Massin et fils


Discover all the secrets of Champagne by enjoying a delightful picnic at the Rémy Massin et Fils Estate. On the hills of Ville-sur-Arce, in a country-style lounge, sample two vintages paired with appetizersprepared from carefully selected local products. A game about bubbles and a surprise gift will make this moment of conviviality sparkle!

Tasting in the vineyards - credit Le Bonheur des gens 2

“Taste and chew” with L’Empreinte des Fées


Join “l’Empreinte des Fées” and Champagne Dumont who will take you to the heights of the village of Champignol-lez-Mondeville for a “Goûtons – Mâchon”: the winegrower’s picnic!Let them guide you to the top of the vineyards to share a zero waste picnic using 100% local products.

From €69.90 per person

Chic picnic with Champagne Devaux


For a pleasant moment in the shady park on the banks of the Seine at the Manoir de la maison Devaux, take advantage of the picnic options and extend the experience with a tasting session.

2 options are available to you:
1/ Seasonal picnic (starter, main course, cheese and dessert) prepared by our partner Chef: €28 per/person 2/ To share (for 2 to 4 people) : A fresh bottle of Grande Réserve and your Devaux picnic blanket: €49

Champagne Devaux Picnic

Picnic at the heart of the vineyards


With friends or as a couple, let yourself be lulled by the chirping of the birds and the sweet scent of the flowers at the heart of the vineyards while enjoying your picnic. Prepared by Chef Martial, this picnic includes a starter, main course, cheese and dessert. Seasonal picnic: €30 incl. VAT/person

Ready for a Royal picnic?

La Rosita & the Château de La Motte Tilly


Close to Nogent-Sur-Seine, you can travel back in time to the days when Abbé Terray, Minister of Louis XV, built his country residence following the influences of his century. Enjoy a picnic in the park of a typical château from the Age of Enlightenment:the château of la Motte-Tilly. The vitality of the château is reflected in the many cultural events that take place there during the summer (themed tours, workshops, photo exhibitions in the park, etc.). Enjoy your delicious meal while feeling as though you are of stepping back in time, in a 60 hectare park designated “Jardin Remarquable”…

Don’t feel like cooking? Keep calm! Thanks to the Nogentais restaurant La Rosita, collect your picnic basket directly from the château, and enjoy tasty dishes preparedwith organic, seasonal ingredients sourced directly from the château’s garden.

Picnic at the Château de Taisne © Olivier Frajman

Taisne Castle


At the Taisne Castle, in the village of Les Riceys, Charles and Ségolène have prepared a snack at the château for you, a gourmet basket filled with carefully chosen local products (optional Champagne). Stroll through the sumptuous park of the château to choose the setting for your break: a small wrought iron garden table? A stone bench? Or simply on the grass? Relax under the superb century-old linden tree avenue and under the plane tree alley established in 1802, near the waterfall…

Gourmet snacks from €7 per person

A touch of nature for dessert!

Discover an authentic plants museum and a remarkable conservatory of biodiversity at the heart of the Nogentais. The botanical garden of Marnay-sur-Seine invites you to reconsider your relationship with the kingdom Plantae . You can even conjure up a sensual and poetic approach to nature. Stroll through the different parts of the garden arranged according to a route of about twenty themes and enjoy a picnic in total harmony with nature…

On the outskirts of Troyes, you can picnic at the Parc des Moulins, a group of former private properties located between the districts of Bas-Trévois and Sénardes. It owes its name to the presence of the old mills of La Rave and Notre Dame. Water games on hot days, walking, outdoor recreation, beekeeping, biodiversity observation … It offers a wide variety of activities at a stone’s throw from the city centre. The Parc Pierre Pitois (Parc des étangs de Fouchy) is a 6.7 hectare park located near Troyes. It’s ideal for picnics! You will also find an educational trail, different species of trees as well as an animal park(goats, chickens, ducks…), a Provençal greenhouse, seven ponds, and various play and relaxation areas.

Picnic in the parks and gardens ofthe Aube © A. M. Barruecos
Picnic at the Arboretum of Brienne-le-Château

Picnic at the heart of the Brienne Le Château arboretum, close to 6000m² of nature, near the Great Lakes of Champagne. Stroll along its discovery trails amidst surprising species such as a Giant Sequoia or a Chilean Araucaria. Magnificent trees grow in the tranquillity of the park and benches are available for you to rest in this peaceful atmosphere or to have a picnic in total peace. Make the most of this getaway to discover the Napoleon Museum in Brienne le Château.

Also enjoy of the magnificent Saint-Victor estate in Soulaines-Dhuys to discover a variety of flora and fauna: between the arboretum, the medieval garden and the observation of deer, you will be filled with nature. You can go green thanks to a footpath linking the village and the estate to enjoy the fresh air… Of course, don’t forget your checkered tablecloth for a picnic surrounded by nature!

In the Pays d’Othe, you can also enjoy a delicious picnic at the foot of the Chennegy washhouse, set in a haven of greenery. The washhouse located at “Les Fontaines Janières” was in use until the 1960s before the arrival of its greatest rival: the washing machine. Made of wood and bricks, it is a pleasant pastoral spot for your family picnics…

The park of the former château of Coursan en Othe, located near the main road through the village, is home to 2 remarkable trees: a bald cypress and a tulip tree, the oldest and largest in the department (about three and a half centuries old and measuring more or less 4 metres in circumference). Have a picnic on the tables provided in the park and extend the nature experience by walking around the large pond…

Picnic in the countryside

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