Did you know that the Aube region is brimming with cultural wonders that have stood the test of time without losing any of their splendour. Discovering the vast heritage of the Aube is like diving into the history of the Champagne region, rich in symbols, diversity and know-how. Imposing châteaux, exceptional museums, religious monuments and remarkable stained glass windows… Without forgetting the renowned timber-framed houses that have made the reputation of Troyes and the region!

Does this sound appealing to you? Then read on!

A chapel as a starter, an abbey as a main course, and some stained glass windows for dessert, thank you!

There is no shortage when it comes to choice! In terms of religious monuments, the heritage of the Aube is particularly prolific, with no less than… 200 churches and 9000 m² of stained glass. That’s a lot of stained glass! Chapels, abbeys, churches, synagoguesThe religious wealth of Aube is (almost!) limitless, and the region promotes its artistic heritage through exceptional buildings and coloured stained glass.

The plus: in the city of Troyes, stained glass is not a joke. The restoration and the conservation of stained glass windows is an art that is practised with passion and precision. You can also visit the city to learn about the specificities of this art form and its relationship with light, in orderto shine in society!

Cathédrale Saint Pierre Saint Paul
Church Aulnay
Church Nogent
Church Rosnay l'Hôpital
Camille Claudel Museum

There is a museum here, there and everywhere in the Aube

It is impossible to present the cultural wealth of the Aube’s heritage without mentioning its museums. And there are many of them! Little jewels, relics of the past, curators of art in all its forms, treasures on display… Museums, in the Aube as elsewhere, contribute to the identity of a territory. So, which one do you want to visit?

The icing on the cake: : the Camille Claudel Museum, which opened in 2017, of national stature and dedicated to this gifted artist who spent part of her childhood in Nogent-sur-Seine. Themed tours, workshops, temporary exhibitions… You are bound to find something to tempt you!

Discover the history of the Aube through the châteaux!

“Behold, young peasants, go fetch my squire, and make haste!”

Sounds like being back in the days of the châteaux and Lordship, doesn’t it? Not really? Fair enough.

You are quite right, there is nothing better than being on the field, experiencing the real deal, the sensation of the rough stone under your fingers, and the views of these imposing buildings, these fortresses,remnants of the territory’s identity. he heritage of the Aube includes no less than 14 châteaux, spread over the entire territory. Step into history! Visit the châteaux of the Aube, near Paris, on the banks of the Seine, admire their French gardens and enjoy the impressive architecture!

The most: fancy an exceptional night in the park of a château? We tried the unusual night at the Château de Brantigny for you.

Les Templiers Olivier Douard

Search for the Templar treasure!

When we mention the famous Templar Knights, we don’t immediately think of their crusades, the creation of theirOrder or the values of chivalry.
Non, ce qui nous vient tout de suite en tête, c’est leur trésor.
Si, si, si.
Ne dites pas le contraire.

Here’s an interesting fact for you: did you know thatAube hosted the creation of the Templar Order and that its illustrious founder, Hugues de Payns, was born in Payns, a village near Troyes? The Aube region played a major role in the development and preservation of the Templar Knights: today, various monuments and landscapes still bear witness to their arrival. Why don’t you walk in their footsteps, follow their tracks through the Champagne countryside and, why not, find clues that will lead you to the famous Templar treasure!

Bonus: an escape game proposed by which takes you back to the year 1300, in search of the heart of the Templars! Immersion guaranteed!

“No flash please”… Celebrities at the service of the Aube’s heritage

The Aube region prides itself on having welcomed many characters who have distinguished themselves brilliantly: Rachi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Auguste Renoir, Gustave Flaubert, the Goncourt brothers, Chrétien de Troyes… All have distinguished themselves in a specific field and have contributed to the national and international influence of the Aube region. Who were they? How did they become successful? What were their achievements?

Bonus : the web radio “Troyes Aube Radio” has dedicated a podcast to the illustrious men and women who travelled through the Champagne region. A fascinating report that you can listen to right here!

important history characters Aube
Cider Duminil

Meet the craftsmen, symbols of local excellence… Nothing less!

The Aube has always showcased the men and women whose know-how,expertise and experience serve the local crafts. These These meticulous and demandingcrafts contribute to the reputation of the Champagne region. It’s local, it’s handmade, it’s traditional, in short: it’s an art. These craftspeople constitute the very soul of the Aube and allow you to admire, every day, a rich and exceptional heritage.

Bonus : the “Rendez-vous in the Aube”, which introduce you to the producers and craftspeople of the region. Head off the beaten track to meet them and talk to those who make the Champagne region a welcoming and prosperous land!

In Champagne: bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Aaah… still! Here we go! It’s impossible to about the heritage of the Aube without mentioning Champagne ? IM-PO-SSIBLE ! In the Aube, Champagne is a must. It is cultural. It is sacred. This divine, golden, fizzy drink is one of the greatest pride of the region. The vineyards are indeed a real treasure and the winemakers are the guarantors of the excellence of the product. Three appellations constitute the Aube wine-making, namely the Côte des Bar (and its famous Pinot noir), the Montgueux hill (and its famous Chardonnay) and Villenauxe-la-Grande.

Set off on the roads of Champagne, visit the cellars labelledVignobles et Découvertes” (certification of excellence), discover the secrets of this sweet, delicate and light drink… And enjoy the moment! Cheers!

Champagne credit photo Olivier Douard
Church Ervy le Chatel

Our small towns are loaded with character

A number of villages in the Aube region have joined the national network of Petite Cité de Caractère®, where aestheticism and picturesqueness are combined. This concept, established in 1975, includes around 21 towns in the Grand Est region. Joining this network entails participating in the preservation, animation and promotion of the remarkable heritage of the village. It means maintaining, restoring and promoting it, both to the inhabitants and to the many visitors. Discover the 4 Petite Cité de Caractère® in the Aube!

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