Champagne cellar

During your visit to a champagne cellar, POP! The cork pops, the bottle tilts, the foam reaches the neck, threatens to overflow… then slowly diminishes. The bottle then leans towards the nearest flute and delicately fills it with this golden drink with subtle bubbles. The aromas escape, the nostrils wriggle, the hands reach out, impatient.

The bottle of champagne is open!

Champagne, in the Aube, is a real institution. To highlight this local pride and share the know-how of passionate winegrowers, the Champagne Houses organise a multitude of activities and events. Visit a champagne cellar, take a walk in the vineyards, attend a tasting workshop… Aube has everything you need to experience the effervescence of the region!

I bubble, you bubble, he bubbles… In Aube, experience champagne differently!

Alone, with the family, as a couple or with friends, numerous activities related to champagne are organised throughout the year in Aube. Explore the rich lands of the Champagne region, explore its hillsides, its vineyards and its treasures by sharing, meeting and exchanging with erudite and passionate winegrowers: bubble up in the Aube, that’s what’s on offer!

The list is long, long, but here are a few examples: a walk in the vineyards (on foot, by bike, or even in a trailer), a picnic with a view of the hillsides, a night-time treasure hunt, avisit to a champagne cellarbefore the traditional and much-awaited tasting session*.
Ça va de soi !

Vignobles et découvertes
Harvest Dumont

The Champagne harvest: a unique and immersive experience

Visiting the champagne cellars, walking through the vineyards of Aube, discovering the wine estates, is all very well. Participating in the process and experience the harvest,it’s better! Each year, the Champagne winegrowers open the doors of their domain during the harvest and initiate you to the harvest of the grapes.

Hop, a guided tour of the vineyards, the champagne cellars and the facilities, hop, a little walk in the vineyards to pick a few bunches of grapes, hop, lunch or dinner on the spot and a tasting! Discover our selection of wine estates, to experience a unique and immersive champagne experience!

On Sunday, in the Aube, we visit a champagne cellar!

It’s Sunday and you’re short of ideas to occupy your time? In Champagne, we’ve got it covered! Every month, on Sundays and public holidays, the winegrowers open the doors of their wineries to you and invite you to experience a suspended moment, out of time. There, inside their champagne cellar, in this serious and solemn atmosphere, you will discover the stages of production of the king of wines before the indispensable step of tasting.

You will find here all the champagne cellars to visitthis month, labelled Vignobles et Découvertes, if you please!

Cellar track
Champagne cellar visit

Enjoy champagne in the Aube region through a few unmissable events

In the Aube, champagne is not just for drinking…itis for celebrating ! Throughout the year, the region organises events to help inhabitants and visitors discover and appreciate the king of wines. This is called champagnisation. Yes, this word exists. Or maybe it was just invented. You’ll never know.

Don’t miss theChampagne Party “, This is an opportunity to discover the unique know-how of the Champagne Houses. Don’t miss “La Route du Champagne en Fête”, to visit the cellars of a village on the Côte des Bar for a summer weekend. And don’t forget to share your photo on the networks on the day of “#ChampagneDay”, with a glass in your hand!

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