Aube, with its huge Orient Forest Natural Regional Park, is an oasis of green and blue, to be experienced with great enthusiasm. Water is everywhere: And why is that? it’s in this country of streams and pools that three great artificial lakes were built in the 1970s:Orient lake, Temple lake and Amance lake

Intended to regulate the flow of the Seine and the Aube, they fit in perfectly with the environment and have become spaces that encourage getting away from it all and a whole range of experiences. They are also an invitation to get to know and preserve the fauna and flora.  Welcome to Great Lakes Country which combines leisure, nature and heritage!

A la carte activities

To enable everyone to enjoy their favourite activity in complete safety, each lake is designed to fulfil a particular purpose with facilities designed specifically.

– On the banks of Orient and Amance lakes, several fine sandy beaches are just waiting for you and your family.
The banks of Temple lake, the wildest, are the silent realm of anglers, soundless like their carp. Any takers?
– On Orient Lake, numerous sailing activities await fresh water sailors: catamarans, centre boarders, surfboards, canoes and pedal boats navigate in harmony.
Jet skiing, water skiing and motor boating have their own space where enthusiasts can pursue their sport safely: Amance lake.

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