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Discover Troyes-in-Aube, “Oui mais en Champagne” !

Troyes, City of Art and History label

In the case of the City or Country of Art and History label, it is Troyes’ beautiful 16th century: architecture, sculpture and stained glass that represented the city of Troyes.

This application highlighted Troyes as a region of projects aimed at safeguarding, preserving and enhancing its architectural, urban and landscape heritage. Numerous aspects integrating horizontally and coherently into a local policy: education, culture, tourism, economy, habitat, urbanism, protection and rehabilitation of the heritage, etc.

After a favourable opinion with congratulations from the panel, Troyes officially joined the network of 138 “Cities or Countries of Art and History” labelled towns in June 2009.

Just 90 minutes from Paris and 20 minutes from Europe’s largest lake system sits a Renaissance city with a typically French way of life.

The city is a jewel of France’s national heritage, with its multi-coloured rows of timber-framed houses, straight out of the 16th century.

This is Troyes, where people still dream of living on love alone to this day.

With its maze of streets and alleyways lined with hidden gems of history, its quays which are perfect for a stroll, and its myriad of Gothic churches which house the finest collection of stained glass windows in France, Troyes offers the ideal stimulus for gentle souls.

Troyes is a place that touches the soul and makes the heat beat stronger!

The famous “Map of Tendre”, published in the 17th century, is an allegorical map of the imaginary kingdom of Tendre. The map was designed as the precursor to modern-day board games, where fictional souls would forge their own path towards the city of Tendre-sur-Estime, passing through a number of different emotions along the way.

This short publication is a roadmap for romantics of all persuasions and backgrounds, providing a true insight into the heart of this delightful yet modest city and offering a treasure trove of gems for those who know how to give themselves over to their imagination and emotions.

Troyes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architectural qualities… perhaps it should be listed for its spiritual qualities too.

More information about romanticism at Troyes or Download the leaflet  “Romancing Troyes”


Troyes, city of shopping


The “factory shops” were born in TROYES in the 1960s, to sell off local manufacturers’ ends of lines. At first only open to factory staff, little by little they were opened to the general public.

Today, the fame of the “Factory Shops” and the know-how of our Department’s manufacturers is second to none. Thousands of visitors from all regions flock to our city to snap up the bargains available: reductions offered vary from 30 to 70% and the number of visitors to these shops is estimated as being close to three million each year.

The greatest international brands are now represented. They make TROYES a major centre for Textiles and Clothing, and the true Capital for “factory shops” for personal outfitting. You can thus dress in “chic”, “fashion” or “sport” styles according to your needs, with footwear, lingerie and ready to wear available, as well as household linen, etc… in over one hundred shops.

Dates of next sales : from June 22 to August 2, 2016

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