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Remarquable garden

The sun is shining again, the temperature is rising, nature is irresistibly attracting us… It’s sunny, it’s hot, why struggle? Why don’t you take a little walk outside, to discover the bright parks and gardensof our beautiful territory of Aube ?
be careful, not just any gardens: those labeledRemarkable Garden, please ! What is this label? Where does it come from? What is it for? Which green spaces in Aube have obtained this certification?

Read on, the answers are right here!

The label Jardin Remarquable, a national sign of distinction

A bit of history, to begin with: the national labelJardin Remarquable was implemented in 2004. Today, nearly 400 parks and gardens throughout France have this certification. Its objective is to distinguish the parks and gardens the most welcoming and best maintained. These must be of interest on several levels (cultural, aesthetic, historical or botanical) and respect the environment.

Parks and gardens with the labelJardin Remarquable are actively involved in promoting the natural heritage of their region. In short, strolling in a Jardin Remarquable,it is to ensure theexcellence of a serviceguaranteed by committed owners!

Botanic Garden of Marnay sur Seine - cr+®dit photo CDT Aube en Champagne
Jardin of Prieuré in Pargues
Castle of la Motte Tilly Park
Castle of Barberey Park
Castle of Barberey Saint Sulpice park

The park and remarkable garden of the Château de Barberey-Saint-Sulpice

In Aube, this label was awarded to the park surrounding the imposing Château de Barberey-Saint-Sulpice. Spread over nearly ten hectares, this property houses a real French garden, in which every detail has been carefully thought out and chosen (even the color of the gravel, similar to that of the castle’s façade).

This infinite precision allows to create apure, harmonious and distinguished style. Its aestheticism coupled with its perfect maintenance allowed it to obtain the prestigious label Jardin remarquable. A park to visit!

The botanical garden of Marnay-sur-Seine

Therichness of the natural heritageof Aube is no longer to be proven; for example, the botanical garden of Marnay-sur-Seine is a real tribute to biodiversity. Its vegetation extends over two hectares and presents more than three thousand species! It is the essential passage for your relaxingweekend around Nogent-sur-Seine.

Rose garden, vegetable garden, medicinal plants, shade garden… the themes are numerous and the place is conducive to calm and relaxation. It’s only natural, then, that it should also be labeled Jardin remarquable !

Botanical garden credit Clara Ferrand
Jardin of Prieuré in Pargues

Le jardin remarquable of Prieuré in Pargues

Encore un superbe paysage naturel à (re)découvrir ! Located in Pargues, a charming village in the Chaourçois region, the Priory garden evolves according to the desires of its owner. Roses, shrubs, perennials… the vegetation has gradually been built up and extended over the years. A water garden completes this striking picture.

The care given to the maintenance of the Priory’s garden by its owner (who is very passionate about plants) has earned it the label“Jardin Remarquable”: awonderful place to stroll through!

The park and garden of the Château de la Motte-Tilly

60 hectareslabeledJardin RemarquableWho can say better? Indeed, the majestic estate of Château de la Motte-Tilly is home to a French-style park: groves, a botanical collection of lime trees (called tilletum), a water mirror, and a vast, well-ordered lawn. The beauty and harmony of this natural setting have led it to obtain the certification Jardin remarquable.

The regularity of its vegetal lines, itsmagnificent pathsand itsimposing water mirrorgive the park of the Château de la Motte-Tilly an exceptionalstyle, which is part of the natural heritage of the Aube.

So, which of these environmental treasures will you start your walk in? Which of these natural nuggets will allow you to disconnect from everyday life? Which of these remarkable gardens will let you commune with nature?

Château de la Motte Tilly Park

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