Chapelle Saint-Antoine

Les Riceys


Chapelle Saint-Antoine
Rue Saint-Antoine

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Historically, the religious life in Les Riceys was intense, living brotherhoods, offices and processions actively followed, hence the building of many rural chapels and calvaries. The Riceys region alone has 16 chapels. These chapels were a place of collection and prayer, and some offices were celebrated there. Today there are 6 (St Clair, St Jacques, St Antoine, St Roch, St Sabine, St Sébastien), but they are among the most beautiful in the department.

Several chapels were used as place of worship until the middle of the 20th century: the Chapel St Antoine, which dates from the 17th century, hosted solemn services on the Sunday following the feast of the Saint and on Easter Monday until 1939.

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