Château de Barberey Saint-Sulpice

Château de Barberey was originally a 16th-century residence belonging to the Choiseul-Praslin family, first Nicolas de Choiseul sire de Praslin, then his son and grandson.



Château de Barberey Saint-Sulpice
1 rue Danton

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It was the latter, Charles Marquis de Praslin, who sold the château in 1596 to Louis Le Mairat, Seigneur de Droupt Saint Basle and Mayor of Troyes.

One of his sons, Jean 1er Le Mairat, Seigneur de Droupt and Conseiller au Grand Conseil, had the present château built in 1626.

It was acquired under the Consulate by the first Prefect of Aube, Claude Louis Bruslé, since Baron de Valsuzenai.

Built of brick and stone, on a stone foundation, it is in the pure Louis XIII style, and has a very handsome appearance.
Two pavilions add to the facade on the garden side, which is a beautiful French park.

The château was listed as a Historic Monument on March 18, 1930, and the garden was awarded the Remarkable Garden label in 1965.

The château is a private residence. You can visit the exterior of the château and the former fortified house, as well as the park and French garden. Open from August 1 to September 15, as well as during the European Heritage Days. All year round, on request, for groups.

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