Château de Chacenay



Château de Chacenay
1 rue du Château

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This is the turning of a steep path that you will discover the castle Chacenay. You will pass the drawbridge between two towers of the Middle Ages to enter, within the ramparts, in the magic of the green park where there is a chapel of the twelfth century.Surprises did not stop there; the castle still offers many treasures, among others: a staircase dating from 1852, a fireplace of the sixteenth century, murals, a stained glass telling the story of Alice of Chacenay.If you look well, you will find winks of the architect Viollet Le Duc, who restored the castle in the same period he was on the restoration project of Notre Dame de Paris. Today, it is Panos and Lina Pervanas, the last owners who care to maintain the splendour of past centuries the castle and this by keeping all the decorations and home furnishings to remain faithfully the story.In its cellars of the fourteenth century, the castle houses an incredible Museum of manuscripts of Heads of State and great scholars. You will see unique documents such as the resignation of Nixon after the Watergate scandal, scores of Wagner and Salieri, mathematical precises of the sixteenth century, thoughts of Marx and Rasputin, or letters of Albert Einstein and De Gaulle.



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