Château de Pont-sur-Seine


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The domain of Pont sur Seine was ceded to the Princess of Conti by Louis XIII. In 1632, when she died, Claude Bouthillier de Chavigny, superintendent of finances and a great friend of Richelieu, acquired it and had a magnificent castle built according to the plans of the architect Pierre Le Muet. This Château was admired throughout Europe, which allowed it to receive great names, such as Catherine de Medici or Richelieu... In 1673, the Prince of Rohan bought it, but it was sold the following year to Xavier -François Auguste Bennon Duke of Saxony, maternal uncle of Louis XVI, who kept it until 1792. Napoleon gave it to his mother Madame Laétizia Bonaparte in 1805, who lived there until the fall of the Empire. Alas on March 13, 1814, while he attacked the city, the Prince of Württemberg, after having meticulously looted this magnificent castle, ordered his troops to burn it down while prohibiting access to the villagers who could have helped it. . Casimir Perier industrial North, Minister of State, bought the ruins in 1820 and wanted to rebuild it identically. But with the developing railway network shared the property with the establishment of the Paris-Troyes line, as well as the construction of the canal, his son transformed the outbuildings of the initial castle into a dwelling house, adding two pavilions and an Italian colonnade. It is the current castle, and the construction of bridges and walkways made it possible to preserve the orangery, the gardens and the pond. THE CASTLE OF PONT-SUR-SEINE IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND CANNOT BE VISITED.

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