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Château des Roises
13 rue du Chaillotat

+33 (0)3 25 76 13 53

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The Château des Roises, an ancient fortified residence built at the end of the 16th century by Louis de Mardeil, is a fine example of the seigneurial residences attached to their defence by the presence of moats. It consists of a main building and several outbuildings.

Long neglected, the building has been the subject of careful restoration for several years.
The entrance front features a strong rectangular tower, framed by sections of straight walls joining smaller square corner pavilions. The central tower, solidly faced with sandstone on the ground floor, defended the entrance, of which the large arcade in the third point of the carriageway and the small pedestrian gateway are recognisable, both of which were originally equipped with drawbridges, the remains of which have been found.

One of the interests of this entrance front is to have preserved numerous firing embrasures, intended for light firearms. The most basic ones, made in the surrounding wall, are limited to a circular hole, sometimes topped by a vertical slit used as a sight; the strongest ones, generally oriented in the flanking of the projecting towers, open at the bottom of a hard stone splay.

Free visits of the exterior, from May.
Information on 03 25 76 13 53 or 06 98 65 95 05

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