Circuit cyclotouristique des dolmens et polissoirs



Circuit cyclotouristique des dolmens et polissoirs


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Departure: Marcilly-le-Hayer Length: 82 km 5:30 Elevation: 650 m Level: Medium Start: Marcilly-le-Hayer Dawn has a large concentration of megaliths mainly gathered in the northwestern part of the department, Nogentais . Menhirs, dolmens and polishers, many stones that testify to a distant past, the Neolithic (2 500-2 000 BC). Discover these mysterious stones following the route of the megaliths around Marcilly-le-Hayer. Km 12: Pâlis Trivia: Tradition says that at the time of the wars of the League, five knights of the House of St. Phal asked hospitality of the monks Clairlieu. The fanaticism of the time having entered this secluded cloister, the five knights are murdered. The devastation of the priory by looting and fire would be revenge for the murder. Km 16: Villemaur-sur-Vanne The peculiarity of the church Villemaur-sur-Vanne is undoubtedly its building material, wood. Its bell tower of the sixteenth century, consists of a series of three overlapping canopies shingled chestnut mark its original character. Inside, you will discover its magnificent rood screen, signed and dated 1521, is the largest and richest of the six surviving rood screens in France. Km 20: Paisy-Cosdon This old quarry has been transformed in 1982 into an attractive pond with an area of ​​7.5 hectares, became recreation area. Km 30: Rigny-le-Ferron. The Burning Farm: Today is a country estate while she was once the old castle. All that remains of the mansion that boundary walls connected by three small towers, one of which bears the date 1666 Km 37: The Archbishop Villeneuve-Notre-Dame church dates back to the twelfth century. She received in 1239, the visit of King Saint Louis, picked the crown of thorns repurchased Venetians. In the twelfth century, important revisions have left a magnificent carved portal, inspired by the cathedrals of Reims, Amiens and Pari. Inside, a "Entombment" (1528), formerly polychrome, one of the masterpieces of the School Trojan comes from Abbey Vauluisant nearby. Km 46: Pouy-sur-Vannes 52 Km Courgenay Vauluisant Abbey (XIIème- sixteenth centuries) Granddaughter Citeau the abbey was founded in 1127 between Othe Forest and Forest Lancy, the borders of Burgundy , Champagne and Ile de France. Km 74 km 82 Trancault Arrival: Marcilly-le-Hayer.

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