Ecomusée de la Forêt d'Orient



Ecomusée de la Forêt d'Orient
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In the North-East of the Orient Forest Natural Regional Park, the Ecomusée of the Orient Forest is three sites dedicated to the memory of the agricultural life of the region between 1850 and 1950. The Maison des jours et des champs provides numerous tools and agricultural equipments, the Boutique du charron is a wheelwright shop, blacksmith and farrier workshop built in 1900, all machines exhibited are original and in perfect working order and the Conservatoire des bâtiments remarquables where barns are built in the traditional style of the Champagne region of lakes of the Orient Forest.Guardian of local memory and tradition, the Orient Forest Eco-museum was created in order to offer local people as well as visitors to the Regional natural park, a centre where they could be provided with information and given an opportunity for reflection about the rich local heritage. The “Maison des jours et des champs” houses a remarkable collection of tools and agricultural equipment, a testimony to man’s obstinate attempts to improve agriculture: from an antique plough to a modern tractor. An audiovisual montage evokes the Park’s cultural, economic and environmental heritage. The “Boutique du charron” introduces a cartwright’s workshop and forge installed in 1900 and completely restored to its original state. Other traditional buildings are in the course of being relocated to the site including some timber frame barns that are remarkable both for their size and their beauty. These buildings make presenting remarkable collections of local ethnology possible, collections that have been assembled with love and passion by two associations.

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