Espace Faune de la Forêt d’Orient


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Located on an 89 ha peninsula in Lac d'Orient, between Mesnil-St-Père and the Maison du Parc, this privileged space allows you to discover the mammals inhabiting the forests of yesterday and today.

With a little patience and a certain silence, discover, from the three observatories on the edge of the woods, deer, roe deer and wild boar as well as the tarpan, the auroch and the elk. Living in semi-freedom in their natural environment, the animals are more easily observed at the end of the day. It is therefore in new refurbished enclosures that three new species have come to rub shoulders with deer, roe deer and wild boar ... as in the past ... The Auroch, now reconstituted by successive crosses of bovine species that have retained their morphological characteristics, the Tarpan, brother horse of Konik Polski, another herbivore having populated the European steppes, The European Elk still present in the North of Europe and America. Or the European Bison.

The Espace Faune de la Forêt d'Orient will therefore present to the public “grazers” in semi-freedom, yesterday and today, without forgetting the local wild fauna and flora, such as the small people of the ponds, the winged multitude of the nature reserve, the trees of our forests… In short, a real Noah's Ark in the heart of the Park…

The Wildlife Area is suitable for people with reduced mobility (Tourism & Handicap label for motor disabilities).

Last updated on 06/07/2022 - Parc Naturel de la Forêt d'Orient

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