Musée des Templiers Hugues de Payns



Musée des Templiers Hugues de Payns
10 Voie Riot
10600 PAYNS

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Come discover the origins of the famous Order of Knights Templar through the story of its founder and first master: Hugues de Payns. In the valley of the Seine, the "Musée Hugues de Payns" returns on the forgotten history of the Order of the Temple. Thanks to many media, the visit is complete and easy to understand whether you are an expert or a novice. Be surprise by the incredibles treasures in exposition, like the 708 silver coins minted in the XIIth and XIIIth century discovered after an archaeological survey of the site of the former Commandery of Payns. You can perceive the world of the Knights Templar from the inside thanks to a model reconstituting the commandery according to its vestiges and a documentary movie about the life of Hugues de Payns and the Knights Templar in the XIIth and XIIIth century, projected into a comfortable room.
Books and souvenirs are on sale in the museum store.

Re-opening on July 1, 2020

Last updated on 08/12/2022 - Troyes La Champagne Tourisme

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