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Les Riceys


Office de Tourisme des Riceys
14 place des héros de la Résistance

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Enthusiasts of the absolutely rare, welcome to Les Riceys! A very unique town, whose first particularity is to represent in fact 3 former fortified villages : Riceys-Haut, Ricey-Haute-Rive and Ricey-Bas. It has the distinction today of being the largest wine-making village in the Champagne region. But that is not enough to satisfy its thirst for fantasy… It is also privileged to be one of the rare communities granted three Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (Champagne, Coteaux Champenois, Rosé des Riceys)! This proud feat is further complemented by an exceptional heritage: no less than three churches classed as historical monuments, fourteen chapels, two chateaux, numerous bourgeois houses, wine-makers ‘homes, wash-houses, crosses, as well as “Cadoles”, strange stone shelters built in the middle of the vines.But the biggest treasure of this remarkable vineyard, is without doubt its famous Rosé. A legendary wine, rare and precious, calm and with pedigree, whose wild flower, violet and hazelnut bouquet charmed the taste buds of the sun king. Recognised as one of the best rosés in France, it conforms to a draconian producer’s charter, limiting the wine-making to only the best harvests, and to 70,000 bottles per millesime. A pure concentration of exception!

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