Square d'Urmitz

The existing green space, then known as Parc du 25 août, was first developed in September 1979 as a rest, leisure and play area for children.

Les Noës-près-Troyes


Square d'Urmitz
Rue du 25 Août

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In October 1985, the square was named Square d'Urmitz, after the German twin town of Les Noës près Troyes. Eric Oden, then mayor of Urmitz, unveiled the sign officially naming the square and presented his fellow mayor Roger Dujeancourt with a shrub symbolizing the friendship between the two sister towns, which was planted near the sign.
In April 2012, a ginkgo (also known as the thousand-ecus tree), donated by the Syndicat Départ to its 42 member communes, including Les Noës, was in turn planted at an official ceremony.
At the initiative of Jean-Pierre Abel, mayor of Les Noës and president of the Syndicat Départ, this symbolic gesture was intended to partially offset the carbon footprint left by the syndicate's activities during the elaboration of the schéma de cohérence territoriale (SCot).
A veritable green lung for the commune, this square is a place of rest and relaxation, always much appreciated by Noyats.

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