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Sur les pas de Rachi

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SALOMON BEN ITSHAK, better known by the acronym RACHI, RAbbi CHlomo son of Isaac, was born in Troyes in 1040.
We know little about his youth today, although many legends have come down to us.
Rachi spent his early years in Troyes, before leaving for the Rhineland for about ten years. There he attended the Talmudic schools in Mainz and Worms. In the latter, he studied with Jacob Ben YAKAR, a student of Rabbenou GUERSHOM, known as "the Light of Exile".

Back in Troyes, Rachi founded his own Talmudic school at the age of twenty-five. This yechiva has acquired such a reputation that it will welcome students from all over Europe. Rachi will run his school for the rest of his life.
Married in 1067, Rachi has three daughters whom he marries to his best disciples. The latter took over the torch of transmission and commentary, thus forming the famous Tossafist school.

Rashi, considered the Sage of his generation, died in Troyes on July 13, 1105, at the age of sixty-five. According to tradition, he died writing the word "pure". His burial place is still unknown today, although it can be assumed that his tomb appears in the middle of the Jewish square of the medieval cemetery in the city of Troyes, which has now disappeared.
In the second half of the 12th century, Rashi acquired the nickname Parshandata, a Aramaic word meaning "commentator par excellence", a quality that is still attributed to him today.
Rashi developed a very modern exegesis (in-depth study and criticism of the scriptures) of the Bible and the Talmud that would mark the interpretation of the sacred texts in use in Jewish tradition. In his comments, he brings the primary meaning of the text, pshat, and his argumentation, taâm, with precision and conciseness, while endeavouring to explain the text in its entirety.

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