The real andouillette of Troyes is one of the local pork specialties, made of 100% pure pork. It is prepared exclusively from specially selected chowders (large intestines) and pork stomachs (bellies), cut into strips lengthways. Stuffed in the old-fashioned way in a dress made to measure, the andouillette is seasoned with salt and pepper, but also with chopped onions and other herbs. Drizzled with white wine or, exceptionally, Champagne, it is simmered for hours in a broth that smells of aromatic herbs.

The andouillette of Troyes entered history since ancient times. Manuscripts give us the names and qualities of the gourmets who enjoyed it. The origin of the term “andouillette” divides historians. On this subject, let us note the existence of a Guillaume Andouillette, Abbot of Saint Loup and his nephew and successor Pierre Andouillette who had the Abbey church and its bell tower rebuilt, giving the latter 4 bells which the people of Troyes nicknamed “andouillettes”.

The Roman de Renard mentions the existence of andouillette as early as the 12th century. This name actually goes back much further, since the word andouille comes from the Latin verb “inducare” meaning “to introduce” or “to put in”.

AAAAA : Association Amicale des Amateurs d’Andouillette Authentique
In order to preserve the identity and the personality of the andouillette, its most fervent, most convinced and most intractable amateurs have formed this association. The avowed and declared aim is, among other things, to contribute to maintaining the prestige and to defend by all means in its power its manufacturing qualities.

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