Hot-air balloon over-flying the Vineyards Champagne François Oudard


Unique in Champagne

Dinner on board a Hot-air balloon over-flying the Vineyards Champagne François Oudard situated in Villenauxe la Grande 1h to the South-east of Paris, in collaboration with Champagne Air Show proposes a hot-air balloon flight over the part of the champagne vineyards next to the Coteaux du Sézannais. The aerial flight is even more unusual in that a cocktail-dinner is served on board with the stunning views of the vine covered hills. An exceptional experience to be shared by families, friends or couples. The sparkling half-day starts with a visit to Champagne François Oudard. After having discovered the secret of the bubbles in the cool of the cellars, Mme Oudard invites the participants to take their places on board the flight of Champagne Air Show for a one hour flight during which a cocktail-dinner accompanied by champagne, is served by a steward.The basket usually designed to take 8 people, is equipped with a table around which four guests take their places, admiring the vineyards, Villenauxe la Grande and the nearby town of Provins (depending on the meteorological conditions).Guests enjoy a meal worthy of a great restaurant, produced by the young chef Kévin Oudard who operates in the family restaurant of Villenauxe « Le Flaubert ». To conclude this magical aerial journey, once the hot-air balloon has landed, a glass of champagne is offered to each passenger to extend these unforgettable moments experienced on such an unusual flight.

Champagne François Oudard


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