Escape game Troyes - credit Le Bonheur des gens 2

Would you like to discover Troyes and the Aube while having fun? Several experiences are possible, but don’t forget your magnifying glass and your compass if you really want to become the next Sherlock Holmes! Escape Game, Cluedo, Murder Mystery Party… Choose your universe, wander through the meadivial streets of Troyes, visit an 18th century château, stroll through the Champagne vineyards.

So, are you ready to explore the Aube?

escape game

Solving the mystery of the “Murder at La Motte Tilly”

On the morning of Wednesday 14 May 1881, Eugène de Morel-Vindé was found dead by the castle gardener at the foot of the Tilletum. A murder investigation is immediately opened by the police. We propose to solve this investigation during a guided tour of the castle. The autopsy report and the list of suspects will help you to carry out the investigation.

Château de La Motte Tilly
La Motte Tilly

Investigate at the Château de Vaux

Brave the darkness and go in search of clues in rooms still haunted by dark events, to solve the mystery that hangs over the estate… Dive into the middle of the night in a great murder mystery party in which you are the protagonist, led by actors in costumes, all in a terrifying atmosphere. Crimes, conspiracies and thrills will be on the cards: will you be able to get out of the château before the doors close?

Château de Vaux

Château de Vaux - nights of Vidocq - Photo credit Château de Vaux (3)
Escape Game Biodynamix

Escape Game , unlocking the secret of Biodynamix

With family, friends or colleagues, embark on a fun and unusual adventure. With a winegrower’s bag slung over your shoulder, help Biodynamix, the guardian of the magic portal, to solve the enigmas in the enchanted vineyard, combining nature and winegrowing, and recover the magic crystals on time. Your senses will be your best ally. A 1h30 augmented reality treasure hunt at the heart of the Champagne vineyard.

L’Empreinte des Fées

Test your knowledge with the quizzes

There is no better way to discover a city, its neighbourhoods, its commercial and craft life, its history and its cultural heritage than through games.

Discover the communes that make up the Troyes Champagne metropolitan territory. Warm, hospitable, sporty, traditional and contemporary, smiley above all… Our destination is friendly by excellence.

Troyes La Champagne Tourism

Renoir House

Escape Game : “L’heure de Vérité !”

Are you an amateur of giant treasure hunts or Cluedo and fancy discovering anecdotes about Essoyes in a fun way? A murder has been uncovered in the district of Bar-sur-Seine. Solve various riddles to find who committed this macabre crime.

Are you ready to put your investigative skills to the test and solve this mystery?

Fancy discovering Troyes for two?

Simply scan the QR code, which takes you directly to a conversation on your smartphone. After answering a “love quiz”, ArtyBot determines your profile and your journey for two around in the city according to your tastes and desires. #GuaranteedEmotions

ArtyBotguides you with historical information and anecdotes, challenges and love stories. It gives you recommendations for dining and shopping (100% local and qualitative ) with humour and empathy!

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