Aube en Champagne is the richest in France with 9000 m2 of stained glass dating from the 13th to the 19th centuries, including 1500 m2 in Troyes cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul alone.

“What do they do in Troyes? … They sound the bells there!”, went the popular saying, because churches, convents, abbeys and other religious buildings once abounded in the city. Today nine listed churches and a cathedral hold the masterpieces of the Troyes’ schools of sculpture and stained glass.

Our churches are the places where men meet spirituality, where believers meet God. All visitors are allowed to discover or know more about churches and about the rich heritage they own but without forgetting to respect what they are and the convictions they represent.

It’s really enjoyable to give to the most number of people the opportunity to appreciate the work and talent of all artists and believers who leg to the Aube en Champagne region an exceptional and spiritual heritage.


Fascinating Churches

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