Between vineyards and forests, Aube is a green land with a dense, diverse and sometimes surprising flora! In the panorama of the Pays d’Othe, some trees are remarkable for their historical character, their age, or their unusual morphology: oaks, pear trees, lime trees, tulip trees reserve their share of curiosities… An inventory has been made to set up a discovery circuit of these trees, some of which have lent their name to their commune.

From Ervy-le-Ch√Ętel to Vosnon, the Remarkable Trees Trail offers an immersion in the heart of nature: a breath of fresh air to be consumed in the vast wooded area of the Pays d’Othe. One of the only circuits of its kind in France! On these protected and signposted paths, remember to look up: the sun shines through the foliage of trees sometimes over 30 metres high, such as the tulip tree (34 metres!) in the Coursan-en-Othe forest. But be careful to take your time…

Japanese Sophora

The circuit of remarkable trees will lead you to trees such as the Japanese Sophora in the forest of Crogny (Chaource), and to its drooping habit, forming a thick curtain of greenery around its trunk. A beautiful mane in the middle of a peaceful park that invites you to take a stroll!

Despite the large majority of oaks in our forests, the walk allows the discovery of certain exotic species, imported over the centuries by local lords: this lordly curiosity will have enriched the inventory of the flora of the Aube with species established far from their lands of origin.

On the paths of the Pays d’Othe, you will also discover surprising trees with several trunks, such as the Quintamelle oak in the Aumont state forest, whose 5 trunks rise from the same stump towards the sky. Finally, a special mention goes to one of the oldest oaks in France. With its unorthodox silhouette, it is impossible not to recognise it: for 800 years, the Cornier Tree has amazed the inhabitants and visitors of Vosnon. It is said that 12 people could take shelter in its trunk, whose circumference is around 5.70 metres… It was ranked in the top 10 of a national survey to be included in the inventory of remarkable trees in France by the Cultural Department of the Natural History Museum and the National Movement for the Environment!

All that’s left to do is to take advantage of the paths that have been laid out to allow you to stroll around in this most pleasant of settings: the signposting ensures that the route will be calm and that there will be plenty to discover!

Cornier Tree
L'arbre cornier veille sur Vosnon depuis 800 ans !