The phenomenon of factory shops, now much copied but never equalled, was born in Troyes. The city is the largest centre in Europe for this style of shopping. You will be able to find many branded articles at prices 30 to 50% less than in traditional shops. Grab yourself a bargain!

The 3 factory Shop centres

Marques Avenue, at Saint-Julien-les-Villas, in the southern part of town, showed the way in 1993. To the first premises opened (which were superbly-converted former warehouses), new buildings, all with huge car parks, came to be added all around, so that in time more and more shops, brands and visitors could be brought in. This complex now has 27,000 square metres of shop floor entirely devoted to bargains.
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In 1995, MacArthurGlen staked out a place to the north of Troyes, at Pont-Sainte-Marie, building a village of manufacturers’ shops in an original architectural style, as an extension to a commercial area that had long been known for the diversity of its factory shops. Here too there’s something for everyone in the family, with prestige labels to be found in some 80 shops.
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Marques City – Pont Sainte Marie, it’s 15,000 m ² of surface, more than 30 stores, more than 200 famous marks. Clothing, shoes and accessories of sport and prestige “very tendency”, at very interesting prices.
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Village de Marques Lavau, is a factory outlet of Troyes, in the heart of the largest outlet center in Europe Area Factory Outlets. With its qualitatice architecture shops, the village, built around a square, offers various other services (Food, Video-surveillance and security, Wifi, vending, leisure space led by Nigloland…)
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