Troyes has preserved its soul as a city of fairs. Champagne’s prosperous capital in the Middle Ages, it welcomed merchants from all over Europe who displayed their cloth and silks here. Today, the place for a good bargain has simply moved to the gates of the city, to what are called ‘factory shops’. You have to move with the times!

Knitwear fashion capital

It should be remembered that Aube’s chief city was the cradle of the hosiery industry, even to the point of becoming the knitwear capital. In the 1960s, basic shops appeared in many of the city’s red brick factories close to the workshops, originally intended for selling ends of lines to staff.

In the light of strong demand, these shops were opened to everyone.This was the moment of madness that led to the era of villages of manufacturers’ shops as we know them today.

The city shows its claws

In Troyes, there is no mistaking the merchandise. The most prestigious and fashionable manufacturers practise destocking here.
Prices defy all competition for quality goods in all sizes, in well-appointed shops, on spacious and well-lit shelving. The staff know their business and have time for their customers, including during the rush of the sales. It should be said that twice a year,prices are even more amazing…

Marques Avenue and Marques Avenue Maison in St Julien les Villas
Mc-Arthur Glen in Pont Sainte Marie
Marques City in Pont Sainte Marie
Village de Marques in Lavau