Discover the places in the Aube associated with the history of the Templars

The Commanderie d’Avalleur

Standing on a plateau, the commandery of Avalleur dominates the plain of the Bar-sur-Seine seigneury. The original charter of its foundation disappeared in the 17th century. However, manuscript sources mention numerous donations, which enriched the Templar domain during the 12th and 13th centuries…

Forêt du Temple – Templar forest walk

The Forêt d’Orient, which lies at the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the same name, belongs to the mythology that was woven around the Order of the Temple. It encompasses an area of 1200 hectares purchased by the Templars in 1255: the largest forest estate the Templars ever owned in the West.

Escape Game : The Templars’ Den

Were you dreaming of an escape game on the theme of the Templars? has the thing just for you! You have just entered the corridors of time, and find yourself in 1300! Your ancestor is a Master of the Order of the Temple, he tells you that the soul of the knights is disappearing and that should you fail to bring the heart of the Templars back to the present, all will be lost…

The Abbaye cistercienne de Clairvaux

This Cistercian abbey, founded in the 12th century by Saint Bernard, remains a French masterpiece of monastic architecture. Famous abbey, it was used as a prison by Napoleon… Located about fifty kilometres from Troyes, in the district of Ville-sous-La-Ferté, The Abbey of Clairvaux is where the rules of life of the Order of the Temple were meditated and codified.

The Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul

Constructed over a period of more than 400 years, the cathedral preserves a remarkable treasure, built up from 1204 (the sacking of Constantinople by the Crusaders), which includes an exceptional collection of shrines (including that of the head of Saint Bernard de Clairvaux), relics, enamels and other pieces of silverware, including a Byzantine box made of purple ivory (11th century) and the chaplains of the Counts of Champagne (13th-14th century)

The Hugues de Payns Templar Knights museum

In the Seine Valley, enthusiasts have created a museum to revisit the forgotten history of the Order of the Temple. The visit uses a number of props for a simplified and comprehensive understanding, whether you are a specialist or a novice.

Templiers Champagne Vintages

After the revolt of the winegrowers and the history of hosiery in Troyes, the association “Chante et Danse la Champagne” performs a rock opera on the history of the Templars.

The heart of the old brilliant county of Champagne, the department of Aube is the cradle of the Order of the Temple. The birthplace of Hugues de Payns, founder of the Templars. Champagne actively contributed to the development of this first religious and military order…