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We all know that DIY stands for the art of doing it yourself. We create, we glue, we cut, we grumble because it’s too hard, we get discouraged, we start again, we glimpse at the final result, we smile, we puff out our chests… and pride is not far off! In addition to extreme meticulousness and rigour, DIY workshops require a minimum of knowledge in the chosen field. Jumping into a DIY project without any preparation can be challenging.

This is where the Aube artists come into play (running together, in slow motion, in a dark alley; do you get the picture too?!): throughout the year, DIY workshops are organised by local artisans and producers. Their aim? To pass on their passion, share their experience, reveal their manufacturing secrets, in short, turn you into genuine creatorsHere are some ideas for DIY workshops that the artisans made in the Aubehave come up with!

Make your own mozza Marolles-lès-Bailly near Troyes: enjoy a DIY workshop with qualified Aube artisans

During a DIY workshop, it’s great to benefit from the support of an artisan who is able to guide us in our actions. It’s even better if he or she is passionate, enthusiastic and friendly! The experience will be all the more satisfying.

Would you like to make your own mozza in the Aube region? Based on a farm in Marolles-lès-Bailly, about 30 km from Troyes, the Malice & Fromage Blanc team (we love this name, malice meaning mischief in French) offers farm products 100% made in Aube ricotta, mascarpone, faisselle, butter, egg… Cultivating the land, taking care of the animals and offering the best product to their customers is what drives this great team every day! Marion, the producer, is very sensitive to animal welfare and takes great care of her 80 or so dairy cows. Her advice to visitors and customers? “Make what you like!

And to go even further, Malice & Fromage Blanc is organises a DIY workshop…to make mozzarella ! In the company of qualified artisans, you heat, mix, cut, mould and of course taste! Enjoy a unique and gourmet experience at the heart of the Aube region and make the most of the know-how of local artisans during an unusual workshop!

Malice et fromage blanc
Mozza workshop
Mozza workshop

Try your hand at cutlery, a unique experience thanks to the DIY workshops of a local artisan

The artisans of the Aube are artists. With their knowledge and experience, they are keen to meet, pass on and share. This is the case of Nicolas Dartus, for example. In his workshop in Saint-Jean-de-Bonneval, Nicolas practises an intriguing trade and “perpetuates ancestral techniques“: he is a cutlery forger. For some time now, he has been offering introductory workshops in blacksmithing and cutlery. The aim? Allow each customer to make their own knife ! According to Nicolas, “the aim is not to train someone in cutlery in a day (…), but to accompany the creation of the tool (…), to make our knowledge last and, why not, to inspire vocations”.Hammering the metal, polishing, sharpening… all the necessary techniques are revealed during this DIY workshop delivered by a artisan with infectuous enthusiasm! Kitchen knife, hunting knife, machete… Very versatile and always ready to listen, Nicolas “tries to meet everyone’s demands”.

That’s the artisans of the Aube for you: they create, they make, they cultivate, they accompany, they support, all with kindness and respect.. They are always there. And happily so!

Atelier Artisan Nicolas Dartus
Dartus cutlery

Spinning, weaving, knitting… In the Aube, there is a diversity of DIY workshops for as many talented artisans

In the Aube, talent is everywhere, EVERYWHERE! Look up, reach out, take a few steps, and let the terroir become a true source of inspiration.Over the years, these artisans, who have become the soul of the region through the ages, have mastered theintricacies of their craft with skill and do not hesitate to teach them to those who wish to learn, through DIY workshops. Ah, these artisans who wear their hearts on their sleeves!

Thus, the farm Aux Poils d’Assenay, located in the middle of the Aubois countryside, welcomes visitors all year round to admire its livestock: Alpacas, goats, rabbits… In all, between 150 to 200 animals live there in complete freedom. Hervé, the farm manager, is an artisan who is proud of his job. A true enthusiast, he has “the desire to pass on and help others discover” through various stages. From the shearing of the animal to the ready-to-wear yarn, Hervé guides, corrects, “proudly passing [ce]on his knowledge“. Moreover, the wool of the animals is used to organise DIY spinning, weaving and knitting workshops, where you can learnto make hats, scarves and mittens!

So, are you ready to become a mozzarella master, a knitting virtuoso or a knife maker? In the Aube en Champagne region, let yourself be inspired through unique and original DIY workshops with our exceptional artisans. Make way for the artists!

aux poils d'Assenay
Aux Poils d'Assenay
aux poils d'assenay

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