On the agenda in Aube en Champagne in 2019

In 2019, we celebrate…

Napoléon Bonaparte - photo

Napoleon, 240 years ago

240 years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte arrived in Brienne-le-Château, at the age of 10. The Napoleon museum recounts in detail Bonaparte’s youth and the France campaign of 1814. A territory dear to his heart, where he devoted five years to forging his rigour and strong work ethic, the Aube is the cradle of famous battles.

Balançoire, de Renoir

Essoyes : The centenary of Renoir’s death

As part of the 100th anniversary of the death of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, come explore an exceptional exhibition of original works by the painter, in the heart of the Renoir family home.

You also need to enjoy…

The Camille Claudel Museum, an artistic tribute

A world-class museum, this architectural showcase brings together the world’s largest quantity of the artist’s works: The forty works on display offer a complete overview of her artistic career. At the same time, the museum’s collection of sculptures offers an opportunity to understand the context in which Camille Claudel learned, evolved and emerged. More than 400 works to discover …

Grands Lacs de Champagne

The Grand Lakes of Champagne

The Grands Lacs of Champagne, which cover 5,000 ha of the Forêt d’Orient Regional Nature Park, offer migratory birds immense aquatic spaces ideal for stopovers. The creation of large reservoir lakes has without doubt considerably enhanced the ornithological interest of this Champagne wet zone, which was already excellent for the staging of waterfowl.

L'Aube, terre de Champagne - © Olivier DOUARD

Winemakers of Aube in Champagne, between tradition and sustainable innovation

Travel along the Champagne Trail for over 220 kilometres for a sensorial and cultural journey full of colour! The Aube, land of Pinot Noir, introduces 47 “Vineyards & Discoveries” labelled cellar partners, who would be thrilled to open the doors to their cellars for you …