Parc naturel régional de la Forêt d'Orient



Parc naturel régional de la Forêt d'Orient
Maison du Parc
10220 PINEY

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At 1:30 in the southeast of Paris, the Orient Forest Regional Natural Park is a breath of fresh air in the heart of Aube. Nature lovers will rave about its forests and its three lakes. Hiking, swimming, boating, bird discoveries, visits of timber frame churches: here everyone will find happiness !

It is a remarkable ecological wealth : 20,000 hectares of forests populated among others with hornbeam and oaks, centenarians in the majority, are a wonderful oasis of greenery in the heart of Champagne. We also can see deer and wild boar in semi-freedom in the Espace Faune de la Forêt d’Orient on a peninsula of 89 hectares. Throughout the year, the Orient Forest Regional Natural Park organizes outings on theme to introduce you in this vast area of 80,000 ha of diverse landscape.

Recreation freely in this green oasis where water constantly flirts with the forest, families stroll, lonely ornithologist, fans of water skiing or sailing, fishing enthusiasts, will find their paradise. Afoot, horseback or mountain bike, take the marked trails for hiking, roam the bike track, listen and observe migratory birds in their natural habitat, swim in our lakes and recharge on our beaches.

This living space, this natural museum in open air, it’s yours!



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