The short history of a great cheese

Chaource is a genuine terroir cheese, born in the 12th century in the small village of the same name, in a bocage area south of Troyes. Legend has it that it was invented by the Cistercian monks of Pontigny Abbey. It was they who passed on their recipe to the local farmers, who adapted the recipe to their daily tasks: morning milking, curdling of the milk during the day and unsupervised draining. This is undoubtedly where its character comes from! The exceptional typicality of Chaource seduced no less than Marguerite de Bourgogne! The Queen of France and Navarre regularly demanded it on her table. A success that has allowed it to live on through the ages and delight gourmets.

Labelled as an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOP), this delicious cheese is recognisable by its bloomy rind, its soft paste and its inimitable taste.

A walk in the Chaourçois

When visiting Chaource to taste its cheese, you should also push open the porch of its church/museum. You will see that the town has a rich statuary dating from the 16th century. In the crypt of theSaint-Jean-Baptiste Church, “la mise au tombeau” is a masterpiece among masterpieces. Art amateurs from all over the world come to admire it. Whether they are religious or not, they all seek to penetrate the mystery of the talented and anonymous Master of Chaource. The one who made emotion spring from the stone.


Where to buy Chaource?

The Mussy cheese factory
30 route des Maisons-lès-Chaource 10210 CHAOURCE

The Auxon cheese factory
Route nationale 77 10130 AUXON

The Tourelles farm
Hameau du Mesnil Saint Georges 10130 ERVY-LE-CHÂTEL

The Pouillot cheese factory
Marché des Halles 10000 Troyes

When Jean-Pierre Pernault presents Chaource !