Aube en Champagne is full of craftsmen and producers ready to welcome you for moments of sharing. What if you were to take the place of one of them for a day? Slip into the boots of a farmer, feed goats and cows, taste the products made on the spot and breathe in the territory. In our educational farms, taste cider, bread, yoghurts and 100% local cheeses and ride on the back of an alpaca. A change of scenery is guaranteed!

Ferme de la Marque

The Ferme de la Marque

In the middle of the Parc Naturel de la Forêt d’Orient, take a timeless break in a 17th century farmhouse. With 65 dairy cows, 60 heifers and a farm where goats, donkeys, sheep, chickens and many other species live together, the Ferme de la Marque is a remarkable place to live, a real changeof scenery for young and old. You will discover the production of artisanal dairy products and breads that make the flavour of the land. On a self-guided or guided tour, feed the animals, explore the surrounding forest, make your own butter… Great encounters are to be expected in this very special place!

Ferme de la Marque

Aux Poils d’Assenay

What if you visited a farm… with an Alpaca? No question here of going to Peru, but rather to Aux Poils d’Assenay. There, the Alpaca is king, feed him, and transform his hair into wool and his wool into handicrafts: an astonishing process, a total discovery in a universe far from the everyday. Here, each species has its own role in a well-established ecosystem: goats, sheep, rabbits… accompany the alpaca in its daily life. Definitely a must for those curious about nature and furry animals.

Aux poils d’Assenay

Alpaca aux Poils d'Assenay
Apples from the Hotte Farm

The Hotte farm

Aube, land of Champagne… and cider! In the west of the region, the apple is the pride of the Pays d’Othe: it is pampered in particular at the Ferme d’Hotte, where the orchards are worked in organic farming. The apple is available in many different ways: ciders, juices, ratafia, jams and others delight the taste buds of all ages. On the spot you will find the Cider Museum, unique in France, and orchards to discover by train. All the ingredients are there to offer you a breath of fresh air during a walk between ancestral know-how and modernity.

The Hotte farm

Farm of la Béchère

Located in the heart of the Parc de la Béchère in Romilly-sur-Seine, on a surface area of 15,000 m², this educational farm offers many activities: walking trails, arboretum, fitness trail, playground, allotment gardens, etc. Come and cuddle Tigresse, the cow, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Vilma and enjoy the sweet kisses of the llamas. A free pleasure that delights the little ones. Numerous events throughout the year: Halloween, Christmas, the egg race…

Farm of la Béchère


The farm of Mery-sur-Seine

In addition to the equestrian centre and numerous activities, the Mery-sur-Seine leisure centre offers an educational farm for the enjoyment of children. With free access, you can get to know the new residents of the farm: the King pigeon couple, the Champagne silver rabbit couple, the Cameroon sheep couple, the Coay sheep couple or the duck

Farm of Méry-sur-Seine