Water sports activities on Aube lakes


So, what’s the plan? A bit of windsurfing with a jet-ski supplement, for a bit of adrenalin? Paddle out on the lakes or the Seine to enjoy the scenery? Take to the skies aboard a hydro-ULM? Or a cruise along the lakes with meals on board (a little relaxation never hurt anyone)?

Here’s what we’ll do: we’ll list all the water sports you can do in Aube, on the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient, and you choose. We suggest, you decide.

Canoeing and paddling on the calm waters of lakes or the Seine River

A few reminders: in canoeing and kayaking, you sit in a boat. You can paddle, alone or in pairs, all wrapped up in your lifejacket. On a paddle, it’s different: you’re alone and balanced on a board. That’s it, explanations done!

The Comité Aube Canoë Kayak and the CNA voile offer a range of canoe and paddle courses on the Aube lakes and the Seine. From gentle downhill runs to more rhythmic courses, there’s something for everyone, whatever your age or level ! The club even offers half-day and full-day water sports packages, including transport, swimming and picnics. A dream come true !

Whichever water sports activity you choose, you’ll be sailing on the waters of the Aube or Seine lakes and enjoying the Champagne countryside !

Maximilien Maire – nature guide

Tél : 06 86 46 68 71 – I book now


Comité Aube Canoë Kayakopen 7 days a week

Tel. : – caroline@canoe-troyes-aube.frwww.canoe-troyes-aube.fr


CNA Voile – Club nautique aubois

Tel. : 03 25 41 27 37 – contact@cnavoile.com – http://www.cnavoile.com

Kayak en forêt immergée avec Maximilien Maire - © Clara Ferrand (3)
Kayak en forêt immergée avec Maximilien Maire - © Clara Ferrand (2)
kayak en forêt immergée - © Le Bonheur des Gens
Port de Mesnil-Saint-Père - © Clara Ferrand
Planche à voile PNRFO
activité nautique lac  - © ADT Aube
Paddle sur la Seine 5 - © Olivier Douard
Lac - © Olivier Douard

Yachting, windsurfing, catamaran or paddle: water sports and escape

Everyone knows what windsurfing is? It’s a board with a sail attached to a mast, allowing you to steer by leaning to one side or the other. We’ve already talked about the paddle, but what about the catamaran? It’s a sailing boat mounted on two hulls, ideal for sharing time with family and friends.

Interested in water sports? Just the thing, as several clubs and associations in the Aube region offer a wide choice of water sports ! You can rent the necessary equipment or bring your own boat during sailing periods !

In Lusigny-Sur-Barse (Grands Sillons peninsula)

CNHS – Club nautique de la haute Seine (FFV-EFV)
Rental of catamarans, dinghies, keelboats, sailboards
Tel. : 03 25 41 53 19 ou 06 48 58 01 53 – cnhs@wanadoo.fr – www.cnhs3.com

In Mesnil-Saint-Père

Schools and clubs grouped together at the Maison des lacs

To book a berth for your boat: Contact the harbour master’s office :
Tel. : 03 25 41 28 30 Mail: port.mesnil@aube.fr

AEPA – Association d’éducation populaire de l’Aube (FFV)
Mesnil-Saint-Père and Géraudot bases
Tel. : 03 25 76 49 81 ou 03 25 41 28 12 – contact@bases-aepa.fr – www.bases-aepa.fr

Tél. 03 25 76 01 19 – gilgarnerin@wanadoo.fr – http://troyes-voile-legere.asptt.com/

CNA Voile – Club nautique aubois (FFV-EFV)
Rental of catamarans, windsurfers, paddles, kayaks
Tel. : 03 25 41 27 37 – contact@cnavoile.com – www.cnavoile.com

CVLO – Club de voile du lac d’Orient (FFV)
Rental of dinghies, catamarans, keelboats, sailboards

MJC Saint-Julien-les-Villas
Yole de Bantry
Tel. : 03 25 82 25 09 ou 06 80 71 71 31 – mjc.saintju@gmail.com https://sites.google.com/site/mjcsaintju/home

TVL – Troyes voile loisirs

Kitesurfing, a water sports activity for thrill-seekers

That’s right ! Paddleboarding and windsurfing were more or less okay, but kitesurfing… Yes, everyone knows the name, but we don’t really know what it is… Let’s put an end to the suspense. You’ll love it !

Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. It consists of a sail, a board and a control bar. The principle ? Use the force of the wind to move across the water at high speed: thrills guaranteed !

Sport, fun, adrenaline: this water sports activity is perfect for adventurers in the Aube who are looking for a thrill ! Beware, however, as this sport requires a mastery of navigation, physical strength and good coordination. Let’s avoid accidents !

Interested ? Two associations, AWA and Gliss’Orient, offer you the chance to try out this water sports activity on the Aube lakes 😊

AWA – Association Windsurf Aubois President: C. Marchand Tel. : 06 08 02 90 21claudeawa@bbox.fr – www.awawindsurf.fr

Gliss’Orient – Président : M. Goubault Tél. : 06 02 68 61 85

Kitesurf - © Le Bonheur des Gens
Kite surf au lac d'Orient 6 - © Highlight Movie
Kite surf au lac d'Orient 4 - © Highlight Movie

Hydro-ULM: cruise the lakes of the Aube region aboard a flying boat

How about getting some height ? Change your perspective and fly over the breathtaking scenery and great lakes of the Forêt d’Orient !

The Aube ULM center offers a variety of packages, including hydro-ULM flights ! What is it ? Half-plane, half-boat, the hydro-ULM combines the pleasures of navigation with the freedom of open-air flight. Basically, it’s a boat that flies !

The perfect combination of aesthetics and thrills, hydro-ULM is the water sports activity not to be missed on the Aube lakes !

Centre Aube ULM

Tel. : 06 08 24 19 06 – info@aube-ulm.fr – http://www.aube-ulm.fr

Do you prefer jet skiing or water skiing ?

Whatever the case, you’re in for a truly extraordinary experience.

Would you like to cruise the crystal-clear waters of the Aube lakes on a “jet ski” (yes, you can call it that too) ? Synonymous with speed and freedom, jet-skiing is the perfect nautical activity to satisfy your desire to get away from it all !

SFCM Nautique, located in Dienville, offers jet-ski rentals on Lake Amance ! Please note that a license is required.

FCM Nautique

Tél : +33 (0)6 06 99 46 65fcm.nautique10@gmail.com


For those who prefer to slide or ride the wave, strap on your skis for a moment of pure conviviality !

The Ski Nautique Club, based in Port Dienville on Europe’s largest lake reserved exclusively for mononautical activities, offers lake tours, à la carte courses, lessons and training courses.

Ski Nautique Club de l’Aube

Tél : 06 19 60 62 85sncaube@gmail.com

Lac d'Orient 2 - © François Piccione @bobinemagazine
Jet Ski - PNRFO
Ski nautique
Le bateau ivre - Mesnil-St-Père

The guided cruise: relaxation and pleasure on the waves

Excursion. Navigation. Stopover. Crossing. River trip. Let’s stop with the synonyms and concentrate on the nautical activity on offer: a cruise on the Aube lakes.

Le Bateau Ivre invites you on a voyage! Relaxation, pleasure, escape: let yourself be rocked by the waves and enjoy a guided cruise on the majestic lakes of the Forêt d’Orient. Find out all about the history of these lakes. A little extra: depending on the package chosen, a meal (lunch or dinner) is provided on board !

Le Bateau Ivre

Tel. : 03 25 41 20 72– mangeoire@wanadoo.fr– https://hotel-restaurant-lamangeoire.fr/

From relaxing water sports to more challenging courses, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for on Aube’s lakes. All that’s left is to choose your swimsuit !

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