Champagne harvest

What could be more exotic than a harvest day in Champagne? The winegrowers of the Champagne region offer to let you discover their estate in full effervescence and to initiate you to the magic moment of the harvest of the grapes intended for the elaboration of Champagne. This is an opportunity to discover our Champagne cellars. Armed with your pruning shears and your bucket, you will have the unique opportunity to cut the sun-drenched fruit by hand, to share a convivial meal with the winemaker and the grape-pickers, to discover the installations and of course to taste different vintages of the king of wines.

Provisional harvest dates from 8 to 25 September (according to the official announcement of the harvest by the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne)

Our selection of winemakers for a unique experience

Champagne Marcel Vézien in Celle-sur-Ource

Come and share an exceptional day with the Champagne Vézien teams. After a welcome at the estate, you will go to the hillsides to pick the grapes by hand, just like the 120,000 seasonal workers recruited in Champagne each year. Enjoy a lunch break with the winegrower and his pickers. The afternoon will be devoted to discovering the tasks of the presser and the commented visit of the vat house and the cellar. The day will end with a champagne tasting.

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bunch of grapes
Harvest Dumont

L’Empreinte des Fées in Champignol-lez-Mondeville

Become a winemaker for a day at the Mondeville estate, Champagne Dumont in Champignol-lez-Mondeville. Spend an unforgettable day with the teams and discover the estate transformed into an anthill during the harvest.

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Champagne de Barfontarc in Baroville

The Maison de Barfontarc opens its doors and invites you to share the festive spirit of the Champagne harvest. Whether you are an amateur, an enthusiast or an expert, come and share the harvest experience. On the programme: guided tour of the vineyard, a few strokes of the pruning shears for pleasure, guided tour of the installations, presses, vats, cellars, discovery of the stages in the champagne-making process and lunch on the spot in a convivial setting.

Conditions: 50€ / person
Information and reservation: 03 25 27 07 09 or

Champagne villages
harvest boxes

Champagne Veuve Doussot in Noé-les-Mallets

You will be welcomed to the estate by the winemaker to discover the history and the terroir of the house. You will discover the experience of the harvest thanks to the picking and tasting of a glass of champagne in the vineyard. You will accompany them from the vineyard to the press for a visit of the winery and a tasting of the freshly pressed grape juice. You will take the opportunity to discover all the facilities in a friendly atmosphere.

Prices: adults: 49 € / Children (7 to 17 years old): 15 € / Free for children under 7 years old Information and reservations: 03 25 29 60 61

Champagne Gremillet in Balnot-sur-Laignes

At harvest time, you arrive at the end of the afternoon at the estate. You will visit the cellar and watch the pressing. For the aperitif, you will taste 3 of the different vintages of the house and then have dinner with the grape pickers in a good mood and harvest fever! At night, you will be taken to the Clos Rocher, a plot planted with Pinot Noir. There, you will receive your gloves, your grape-picker and your bucket. After that, it’s up to you! Don’t worry, an experienced grape picker will be with you throughout the experience…

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harvest Gremillet