Succumb Rosé des Riceys, a controlled origin appellation wine, and to its delicate bouquet of fruit aromas. Its rarity and specific style make it one of France’s best rosés. A handful of enthusiastic wine growers still produce this rarest of vintages.

The commune of Ricey, the largest champagne territory with 870 hectares is the only one in France to have three appellations. Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé des Riceys: it’s well worth the journey!

Les Riceys’ Rosé, a rare wine

The 350 rosé des Riceys accredited hectares are composed of small valleys planted with pinot noir vines with an average age of twenty years. The geographical location of the vineyard and very tight regulation don’t allow wine growers to produce it every year.

Fortunately a dozen wine growers continue with this picturesque appellation, production of which rarely exceeds 50,000 bottles.

It’s all in the taste

Rosé des Riceys is obtained by “deliberately blocking the taste”, the preserve of the village’s native wine grower, who senses it on the palate during the maceration stage. Maturing continues in tanks or oak barrels. In order to perfect the wine, it will only be sold after two or three years keeping in bottles.

The end result is an extremely fine and delicate thoroughbred wine, with an exquisite taste that remains in the mouth for a long time. Its bouquet gives off an aroma of red fruits, dry fruits and spices.

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