Auvergne breweries

The delicious beverage that is beer requires hours of work: it is a real skill that combines both patience and dexterity.
From brewing to fermentation, we all know that the most exciting part is the tasting!
If you want to discover the secrets of our craft beers, visit our breweries.

So, are you ready to brew in the Aube?

The Brasserie du Moulin de Saint-Martin

You like beer, quality beer, 100% natural beer,which ferments for weeks in the vat before slowly re-fermenting in the bottle. You are interested in how it is made: What is malt? What are hops and yeast used for? Where does the natural colour of the beer and its creamy head come from? How does the beer gradually gain its alcohol content? Then you will love the Moulin de Saint Martin! Mahaut d’Arras, a young brewer, will show you the many facets of her fascinating profession and present herrare pearls“: pale, white, amber and brown. To be consumed in moderation, to quench your thirst or to accompany many local dishes, including Andouillette de Troyes, sauerkraut (delicious with a pale or amber beer) and Chaource (rather dark this time!)… If you like beer and its history, then let yourself be tempted by the experience!

Brewery the Moulin de Saint-Martin

La Roof craft beer

La Roof Brewery

La Roof microbrewery is located in Fouchères, halfway between the beautiful mediaeval town of Troyes and the Champagne vineyards of the Barsquan region. The owners of La Roof lovingly offer top-fermented, unpasteurised, unfiltered beers on yeast lees, all brewed in a small village that is also the location of the family farm. Their brewing techniques and the resulting beers are inspired by Belgian and English methods. The beers are therefore dry with a wide range of aromas and a fine bubble. So don’t hesitate any longer and come and visit La Roof, a family brewery that opens its doors to you!

La Roof Brewery

The Thibord Brewery

The daughter of farmers and cereal growers, Clémence Thibord moved to Palis, the village of her childhood, at the age of 25 to live her dream and open her own brewery. Clémence installed her tanks in January 2018, and produces all of her beers there. She and her team produce light, well-hopped beers, brewed with some of the family barley. In the Brasserie Thibord you will find different beers, from a permanent or temporary range. These beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised, without additives or preservatives, and are produced using only the four elements that make up beer: water, grain, hops and yeast. If you want to immerse yourself further in the “Thibord” experience, visit the brewery and enjoy a tasting sensation forfor €5 (provided there are at least 6 people). For an experience rich in discovery and history, the Thibord brewery is the place to be!

Thibord Brewery

brewery Thibord
Once Troy Beer

The Once Troy microbrewery

Making beer has been a love affair and a story of friendship for Once Troy for many years. It is first and foremost the love of creating a user-friendly product, with their own hands, and sharing it with family and friends. Attached to their roots, the owners were very proud to return to their birthplace, in the Greater Troyes area, to produce beers matured in their glass case locally. Modern, friendly and dynamic, the microbrewery L’Once Troy presents its beers, designed to refresh and satisfy your senses. Close to the city and its conurbation, L’Once Troy boasts a convivial bar setting for tasting beers on draught or by the bottle, a take-away area for sale by the unit or in packs, and a cosy reception and relaxation area complete with a lounge. If you want to spend a convivial moment then go for it!

Brewery L’Once de Troy

Les Anges Déchus brewery

The organic craft brewery Les Anges Déchus is directly inspired by the origins of beer, the Sumerians. In the course of his research, Ozgur, a former biologist and history buff, discovered the existence of a clay tablet from the Sumerian era containing a recipe for beer! That’s all it took for him to try to create his own recipe, with the same ingredients: wheat, barley, date, fig, coriander and cardamom. It took him more than two years to finalise this recipe. In order to make sure that everything was done in the old-fashioned way, he used a stoneware fermenter. Thus was born the emblematic beer of the Fallen Angels, which is none other than Sumer. Ozgur and his partner brew two evenings a week and also welcome the public in their small, friendly bar. An ideal place for beer amateurs…

Les Anges Déchus brewery

Organic beer l'Ange Déchu

Brewery Bulle de Paradis

A winegrower in the Champagne region for three generations and a passionate man, the brewer developed an ambitious project: to make a beer using the same production process as that used for Champagne. This is how Bulle de Paradis Royale was born. The brewer, who can be described as a “master craftsman of bubbles“, succeeded in his gamble: his ancestral know-how enabled him to create a prestigious beer. He then expanded his range to offer quality beersto a recreational audience who likes good wines. It is in Arsonval, birthplace of the largest malt production in the world and at the heart of the Côte des Bar, that the Bulle de Paradis craft brewery opened its doors in May 2018.
All the beers are top-fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurised and refermented in bottles on yeast lees. They are entirely brewed in a traditional way, in the greatest brewing tradition. The brewer takes great care in choosing his raw materials, from their selection to their transformation. So don’t hesitate any longer and go and discover the Brasserie Bulle de Paradis!

Brewery Bulle de Paradis

La Branche Brewery

A trained oenologist, Rudy Branche has worked in several Burgundy and Champagne houses, in particular at the Château de la Tour in Le Clos Vougeot as a vineyard manager. After several years spent in the vineyards, he returned to the Aube to set up a catering and reception organisation business in an old family farm. La Branche is therefore the fruit of his different experiences and a return to his first profession.

La Branche is an organic craft beer brewed in Charmont-sous-Barbuise. In addition to being organic, Rudy Branche strives to work with local players: the labels are made in Arcis-sur-Aube; the malt comes mostly from Nogent-sur-Seine and Pithiviers; some of the hops are French, others are Belgian and the bottles come from the Oise region.

La Branche Brewery