Church Ervy le Chatel

To visit the churches of the Aube is to discover and explore the wealth of the region’s cultural heritage. Here, the churches follow one another but no two are alike. Each one has a distinctive architectural style which has survived the ages and shaped history. It is literally impossible to talk about the churches of Troyes and the Aube without mentioning the statuary or the stained glass. This art, which some still practice with passion and dedication, has made Aube en Champagne no less than the European capital of stained glass!

Would you like a guided tour of the Champagne region? Let’s go!

How about a trip along the Stained Glass Route?

As the European capital of stained glass (it cannot be repeated often enough), the Aube department was keen to honour this status by establishing the Stained Glass Route, just for you.This is a tourist circuit including no less than 65 religious or civil buildings, each of which sublimates the art of stained glass in all its forms. Visit the churches of the Aube (from the imposing Cathedral of Troyes, to the astonishing Church of Aulnay for example), admire the light effects, and go on a journey in the footsteps of the stained glass windows of Champagne!

And because we live with the times, we have created an App just for you, available on your smartphone or tablet, to guide you through your journey.

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Church of Saint Madeleine

The history of Troyes, through its stained glass windows

By the way, did you know that the Aube is the European capital of stained glass? The abundance of its windows, coupled with their quality,has turned the region (and in particular the city of Troyes) into a real picture book, each page of which is turned with delight and wonder. The stained glass windows have thus written, in their own way, the history of Troyes.

The city owes this abundance, this aestheticism, this art, which catches the eye and sublimates the churches of Troyes,to one man in particular: Linard Gonthier. Doesn’t this name not ring a bell? He was a stained glass craftsman, who mastered the art of stained glass to perfection, having worked on the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul in Troyes.

“1 day, 1 church”: Visit the churches of Troyes and the Aube in good company

It is good to visit the churches of Troyes and the Aube. It is even better to be guided by a volunteer who is passionate, knowledgeable and full of anecdotesis better. As part of the “1 day, 1 church” programme, the volunteers of the Aube take you on this tourist trip during the summer to discover the rich heritage of the region together.. They will guide you, advise you, inform you, share some well kept secrets with you… and even allow you to visit some sites normally closed to the public!

A heartfelt thank you to them, who work every summer to support and defend our heritage with such passion and style!

One day, a church
Church of Saint-Julien-l'Hospitalier-et-Saint-Blaise

Discovering timber-framed churches

The famous timber-frames which adorned both the houses and monuments of the region have built the reputation of Troyes and the Aube throughout the ages. Even today, this unique, imposing and highly distinctive architectural style is a tourist attraction.

The churches in the north-east of the Aube did not escape this technique due to the abundance of wood and the absence of quality stone. You can visit them, from Bailly-le-Franc to Lentilles, via Mathaux: here is the Route of the timber-framed churches One more time: are we professionals or what?