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The Aube is full of deliciously tasty local specialities, including Andouillettes, Chaource, Champagne and several other products. Immerse yourself in the heart of the region by discovering local know-how, talking to producers and tasting specialities, each more succulent than the next! From picnics in the middle of nature, to discovering artisanal breweries or educational farms, enjoy these precious moments on the theme of the Aube’s gastronomy… In addition to our selection of activities, let yourself be inspired by Yonder’s programme for a weekend in Champagne.

So, are you ready to bite into the Aube?


Find local producers with 100% Aube

100% Aube is a platform for promoting short retail circuits and local tourism. You will find a list of local producers, as well as promotions and special offers from the tourist industry. As a participative platform, you can also get in touch with the referenced professionals, suggest a need or refer a producer whose productsyou appreciated. The main feature of this platform is the spirit of sharing and creating links between individuals, tourists and local services through spontaneity, curiosity, benevolence, the development of actions, the pooling and sharing of knowledge for the development of rurality.

Treat your senses to a picnic

Take your best checkered tablecloth and your best picnic basket and seek out the most beautiful places to picnic in the Aube. A meal at the heart of the vineyards? A snack with a panoramic view of the charming Aube villages? Alone for a rejuvenating moment, as a couple for a romantic moment or with family or friends for a day of happiness, don’t wait any longer and dive into our selection of best picnic spotsin the Aube!

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Improvising as an old-fashioned miller

Overlooking a small village in the Champagne region, the site of the Dosches Mill takes you into a multi-faceted park. Admire the windmill’s wings turning and discover the original construction of a towable mill. Stimulate your senses by wandering through the garden and discovering flowers, aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and vegetables. Young and old alike will enjoy this various activities on the site, such as making flour with small hand mills, old-fashioned wooden games or straddling the natural maze known as “La Meule”.

This summer, enjoy meeting the local producers by walking through the Dosches Market every Friday evening from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the town hall square.

Munch your park!

Discover the products from the Forêt d’Orient Regional Nature Park referenced under the “Croque ton Parc” label. Producers open their doors to present their know-how and to taste their products. Thanks to the “Croque ton Parc” logo, you will be able to identify professionals who buy their products locally. You will most certainly come across this label in shops, restaurants, artisans offering local products or even at events or markets. Once you’ve wandered around the cheese dairies, farms and beekeepers, your mouth will be watering!

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Breath of joy

Beer lovers of all kinds or peoplethirsty for culture, this section is completely dedicated to you! Whether they are white, brown, pale or amber, you like to taste them and love to discover their stories. Where do they come from? How were they brewed? If you want to discover the history of our beers and meet the brewers, go and discover the 7 craft breweries of the Aube!

Take the road to the Champagne vineyards

The Aube en Champagne region has close to 8000 hectares of vineyards and contributes a quarter of the world’s Champagne production. The production of this prestigious beverage is a real passion that the winegrowers of Aube en Champagne like to share with visitors. Themed tastings, walks in the vineyards, winegrower picnics… Discover our wine tourism experiences to chill in the Aube.

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take a bite out of the Aube - In the shoes of a farmer - Credit unsplash

Farmers’ meetings

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming Charles and Caroline Ingalls (from “The little house upon the prairie”) for a moment? To run around in the meadow and, but above all to discover our educational farms! As a family, you can feed the animals, learn to milk the cows and make your own cheese, all with the help of our farmers, who are keen to pass on their real know-how. For young and old alike, an experience rich in emotions and flavours awaits you… So don’t hesitate to discover our selection of educational farms!


The Cocon au Potager

Staying in the countryside

A place to dream, to relax or to find yourself in the peace and quiet of the countryside. In the centre of the vegetable garden, a fully equipped gîte, an outside jacuzzi, fruit and vegetables at hand, all you have to do is help yourself. Danielle welcomes you in Champagne in Planty, in the gîte “Le Cocon du potager”…


Life in a château

At the heart of the Côte des Bar,relax in this charming, château-like guest house. Combining tradition and modernity, this 1830 bourgeois house will welcome you for a relaxing stay with a glass of Champagne, a massage and a well-deserved rest in the garden.

Aux Maisons

3 star stay

Aux Maisons is a 3-star hotel and restaurant that guarantees you a peaceful stay, conducive to relaxation and gourmet pleasures. Swimming pool or Spa, that is the question…

Le cocon au potager

Au petit château

Aux Maisons


Flexi Troyen

A local and innovative meal

At Flexi Troyen, where Marie-Laure Bouchot is in the kitchen and Raphaël Vivien handles the services, enjoy home-made and creative meals, prepared daily. Full-course and varied meals, seasonal and made on the spot, using fresh ingredients selected from local producers only.

Barci-Barla, bar with terrace in Troyes

The traveller’s kitchen

Feel like going somewhere else? Take a trip to the Barci-Barla, a restaurant that offers a unique unique lunchtime menu, emblematic of a country.

Pierre & Clement, Food & Wine

Gastronomy & Cathedral

Pierre & Clément works mainly with local farmers and traders: while a large part of the vegetables come from Torvilliers, the cheese and fish are bought directly from the Halles market, in the city centre of Troyes.

auberge du Cygne de la Croix

The Historical Inn

The Auberge du Cygne de la Croix is a former 16th century coaching Inn. Tastefully renovated, the Inn is a haven of calm and serenity. The cuisine is bourgeois, essentially comprising of fresh and home-made products. Thierry and Stéphane will welcome you with their unique exertise.

Au Flexi Troyen


Pierre & Clément

L’Auberge du Cygne de la Croix

Auboise Gastronomy

Discover the Auboise gastronomy